Bible Tree

The Bible tree provides an easy way to navigate through the Bible. Clicking on a node makes the active Bible view to display the corresponding chapter.
To show or hide the Bible tree press F9.

There are 3 levels on the tree, one for a Book, a Chapter and a Verse


Bible tree toolbar

Bible tree options

Clicking on the last icon of the toolbar of the Bible tree, you have access to the following options:
Book numbering option allows you to define exactly the format of the number and the book name that is displayed on the tree. From the bible tree menu (options>book numbering>format) you can set the format you wish.
The format is decided as follows:
Using the above 2 symbols and any other character, you can define the desired format.
For example (take Ruth for the example):
To restore the default format, choose from the bible tree options menu options>book numbering>restore default format.