Copy verses

There are many ways to copy verses to the clipboard in order to use them to another application (e.g. Microsoft Word)

Directly from the Bible view

Right clicking on the text of a verse in a Bible, you can choose one of the following menu functions:
The function for each of the above menus is obvious

From the search results list

After performing a search, you can select one or more entries from the search results list, right click on any of them and select Copy

Copy verses dialog (Copy Verses)

To invoke the Copy verses dialog, do one of the following:
The Copy verses dialog appears:

Copy Verses dialog

To copy one or more verses:
  TIP: You may need to select and preview all the formats before you arrive to the exact result you have in mind. Some combinations of the 7 formats and the options result to similar output.

For the verse reference that can be prepended to a verse, you can define a small text/letter before and after it. Use the Before and After input boxes to enter the letter/text you want.