For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God. (Hebrews 3:4)

  I have always been partial to Bulova watches because my father was a jeweler and always wore a Bulova wristwatch. A wristwatch is a precision instrument-it is small, intricately made, amazing in its ability to keep accurate time. If I were to open my wristwatch it would probably state, "Made in Switzerland." Although I have never been to Switzerland or a watch factory I know that somewhere there is a watch factory that manufactures wristwatches. How do I know? Because my wristwatch bears witness of the fact. Every effect demands a cause. Something does not come from nothing. A wristwatch demands that there is a watchmaker; a book demands that there is a publisher; a house demands that there is a carpenter-and a creation demands a Creator. Since the world exists there must be a cause for its existence; it did not come into being by accident.

  However, some who deny God's existence suggest that the universe is eternal in spite of the indication of the second law of thermodynamics that the universe is running down. The law states that although the amount of energy remains the same, there is less available for work. Similarly, the law of entropy indicates that there is a decrease of order and organization in the world. Symptoms throughout the world reveal there is a "devolution" from order to chaos. A hot cup of coffee does not become hotter; it gradually turns cold. Man begins to die as soon as he is born; there is a constant deterioration of the human body-black hair turns gray, teeth decay, organs become weak.

  All those things imply that the universe is not eternal and self-sustaining; rather, it has been created by an all-wise God. All of nature speaks a testimony of an all-wise Creator. The beautiful hibiscus, the majestic mountains, the magnificent hummingbird-all remind us of an all-wise Creator who desires fellowship with us. How wonderful that this great Creator has also deigned to share His eternal life with you and me (1 Corinthians 1:9)! Enjoy this day in fellowship with the majestic Creator God!

  LESSON: The existence of the world demonstrates the existence of God who created it, the majestic God with whom we may enjoy fellowship.