Concordance - A


Ancestry and family of, Ex 6:16-20, 23

Helper and prophet to Moses, Ex 4:13-31; 7:1, 2

Appears before Pharaoh, Ex 5:1-4

Performs miracles, Ex 7:9, 10, 19, 20

Supports Moses’ hands, Ex 17:10-12

Ascends Mt. Sinai; sees God’s glory, Ex 19:24; 24:1, 9, 10

Judges Israel in Moses’ absence, Ex 24:14

Chosen by God as priest, Ex 28:1

Consecrated, Ex 29; Lev 8

Duties prescribed, Ex 30:7-10

Tolerates Israel’s idolatry, Ex 32

Priestly ministry begins, Lev 9

Sons offer profane fire; Aaron’s humble response, Lev 10

Conspires against Moses, Num 12:1-16

Rebelled against by Korah, Num 16

Intercedes to stop plague, Num 16:45-48

Rod buds to confirm his authority, Num 17:1-10

With Moses, fails at Meribah, Num 20:1-13

Dies; son succeeds him as priest, Num 20:23-29

His priesthood compared:

with Melchizedek’s, Heb 7:11-19

with Christ’s, Heb 9:6-15, 23-28


Angel of the bottomless pit, Rev 9:11


I know how to be a Phil 4:12


And He said, “A Mark 14:36

by whom we cry out, “A Rom 8 :15

crying out, “A Gal 4:6


Name given to Azariah, a Hebrew captive, Dan 1:7

Appointed by Nebuchadnezzar, Dan 2:49

Refuses to serve idols; cast into furnace but delivered, Dan 3:12-30


Adam’s second son, Gen 4:2

His offering accepted, Gen 4:4

Murdered by Cain, Gen 4:8

His sacrifice offered by faith, Heb 11:4


My soul shall not a Lev 26:11

Therefore I a myself Job 42:6

nations will a him Prov 24:24

a the pride of Jacob Amos 6:8

A what is evil Rom 12:9


a His own inheritance Ps 106:40

he who is a by the Prov 22:14

and their soul also a Zech 11:8


They shall be an a Is 66:24


you have made us a Ex 5:21


A priest who escapes Saul at Nob, 1 Sam 22:20-23

Becomes high priest under David, 1 Sam 23:6, 9-12

Remains faithful to David, 2 Sam 15:24-29

Informs David about Ahithophel, 2 Sam 15:34-36

Supports Adonijah’s usurpation, 1 Kin 1:7, 9, 25

Deposed by Solomon, 1 Kin 2:26, 27, 35


nor a in its paths Job 24:13

Lord, who may a Ps 15:1

He shall a before God Ps 61:7

the Most High shall a Ps 91:1

“If you a in My word John 8:31

And a slave does not a John 8:35

Helper, that He may a John 14:16

A in Me and I in you John 15:4

If you a in Me John 15:7

a in My love John 15:9

And now a faith 1 Cor 13:13

does the love of God a 1 John 3:17

by this we know that we a 1 John 4:13


even He who a from of old Ps 55:19

He who a in Me John 15:5

lives and a forever 1 Pet 1:23

will of God a forever 1 John 2:17


not have His word a John 5:38

has eternal life a 1 John 3:15


Wise wife of foolish Nabal, 1 Sam 25:3

Appeases David and becomes his wife, 1 Sam 25:14-42

Mother of Chileab, 2 Sam 3:3