Download theWord, add-on modules, translations and more!

theWord consists of the main program (engine), and a list of add-on modules like Bibles, in different languages, commentaries, dictionaries, books, maps, fonts, different translation files, etc.

theWord supports add-on modules in many languages and also supports many different languages for it's user interface.

To make the download procedure easier, several packages have been created. Each package is actually a combination of the main program along with different add-on modules. If this is the first time you have come here, it is suggested that you download the main package. You can come back later and download more add-ons.


Main package download (English)

Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/9x - 32bit/64bit. MAC Version here

Click on the download button to get the main package.
It contains the program and several English resources.
Start here if unsure!

See more packages of theWord here
Get translations of the interface in your language


Add-on modules: Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, Books and more

Expand your library with add-on modules and take a look at 3rd party modules.

An ever-growing library of add-on resources is available for theWord. The list is growing all the time.


Upgrade from a previous version

If you already have a previous version installed, you can select the binary only package to upgrade to the latest build. Use this option only if you already have at least version 3 installed. To upgrade from version 2 and prior and any pre-release version 3, please download a package (either the main or a smaller one):

        Binary only package (if you already have at least version 3)


Other downloads

  • Download the manual in PDF and in other formats
  • Download the un-official Importer Tool to import modules from other formats
  • Download translations of the interface of theWord in several languages
  • Download other utilities and files

Paid modules

New International Version 2011
New International Version 2011
Includes more than 110,000 cross-references, translator's notes, passage headings, parallel passages, word of Jesus in red, poetry and prose text indentation.

Stay tuned!

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