theWord is portable

theWord has been designed to be portable. This means that you can load it on a USB flash drive and take it with you. You can just put the USB flash drive in any PC and everything is there with you!

 Your personal notes, your favorite Bible translations and Books are always with you!


theWord toGo - A pre-configured flash drive ready to use

Although you can make your own portable installation of theWord, you may prefer to get theWord toGo, a pre-configured flash drive that includes free premium modules worth its value.

Moreover, this is the best way to actively support theWord with a donation and also get back a very nice and useful gift.

A donation of at least $35 (or €25) will make you eligible to receive theWord toGo, a tiny pre-configured flash drive with theWord, including premium modules (like the New King James Bible) worth $35! See details.

Read why you should consider a donation which will enable you to get the USB flash drive


Installing a portable version of theWord by yourself

theWord is free, and this means that you can freely make a portable version of it by yourself.
To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Download the software (any package) along with any add-on modules you want. If you have already downloaded and installed on your PC, you don't need to re-download. Use the same installer.
  2. Run theWord installer. Wait for it to start.
    1. On the welcome screen, click Next.
    2. Please, read carefully the License Agreement and click I Agree if you fully agree with it
    3. On the 3rd screen of the installer (Installation type) select Compact (Single folder) and also check the USB flash drive mode option. Click Next
    4. From the next screen (Choose components) select the modules you want installed on your USB flash drive. Click Next
    5. Make sure the USB flash drive is inserted in a USB slot of your PC. From the next screen (Choose install location) click Browse and select the drive letter of the USB flash drive
    6. Click Install and wait until the installer finishes. That's it!
To run the program, open from your windows explorer the USB flash drive and double-click on the theword.exe file. Remember that you should not pull the USB flash drive from the PC while the program is running or you will loose unsaved data.

Paid modules

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