theWord toGo 100 days, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Terms

theWord toGo USB Flash Drive is sent by surface-mail as a gift for a minimum donation amount, which currently is $35 (or €25). Apart from the USB Flash Drive, you will also receive a serial number that will allow you to use a number of premium modules for free (the specific premium modules may change).

A donation of a higher amount does not make you eligible to receive more than a single USB Flash Drive (but you may make more than one smaller donations or contact for special arrangements if required).

In case you are not fully satisfied with theWord toGo USB Flash Drive you may request a full refund. The amount of the refund will be maximum $35 (or €25), even if the initial donation which qualified you for the Flash Drive was higher.

You have 100 calendar days from the time you made the initial donation to decide if you like theWord toGo or you want to ask for a refund (keep in mind that it may take 1-2 weeks to receive the flash drive by surface mail, which days are counted in the total of the 100).

Only one refund per lifetime is allowed per household. If you are not sure whether the theWord toGo Flash Drive covers your needs go ahead and make the minimal donation and get one, and if you are satisfied arrange for more.

The guarantee does not apply to any special arrangements where theWord toGo has been sent in any other way other than as a gift for a single donation (e.g. arrangement for ministries gettings multiple pieces).

You are not required to ship the Flash Drive back or do anything else to be eligible for the refund. You are, however, requested to fill in a brief form honestly to explain in a few words how theWord toGo failed to meet your expectations (you can see the form here).

Stay tuned!

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