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Maps of Bible Lands  (ABS Maps)
76.5 MB 04-May-2010
This is a paid module and requires an unlock key to be used.

Author(s): American Bible Society
Module version: 1.0
Description: Sixteen full color, detailed, high resolution maps of Bible lands. All maps are in color at 300dpi resolution for high quality printing.
The integrated Graphics Viewer of theWord allows zooming, panning and easy navigation.

The product page provides samples of the actual maps as well as a listing of the maps included.
Doré's Bible Illustrations  (Dore)
8.7 MB 22-Apr-2011
Author(s): Doré, Gustave
Module version: 1.0

French artist Gustave Dore (1832-1883) produced hundreds of quality Bible story illustrations in his lifetime. These illustrations were used in Bibles of many languages in Nineteenth Century Europe and later in the Americas. Many masters produced such artwork for illustrating Biblical themes, and Dore was among the most famous of them.

Dore's realistic style breathed new life into these real stories. Centuries of mosaics, frescos, and stone reliefs, with their precise iconography, along with wood block impressions (recall the ever present halos on particular subjects) had caricaturized many Bible stories in the minds of believers. But his persons and places look real. Gustave Dore's work (and artistic license) was criticized by some in his own day, but these illustrations stand the test of time as good physical representations of important Biblical events.

Complete Sunday School Atlas, The  (CSSA)
7.7 MB 14-Aug-2010
Author(s): Smith, WM. Walter
Module version: 1.0
Description: Bible History Pictured in Geographicial Form
Thirty-Two Historicial Maps in Color
Rand-McNally Bible Atlas maps, The  (R.M. Atlas)
58 MB 23-Mar-2010
Author(s): Hurlbut, Jesse L.
Module version: 1.0
Description: Thirty (30) high resolution maps found in 'The Rand-McNally Bible Atlas, Historical and Descriptive, Illustrated by J.L. Hurlbut'

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