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Please, read through the FAQs before you post a question in the forum, report a bug or send an e-mail to get support. It is very probable that your question is answered here. For questions concerning program functionality you may also consult the documentation.

General questions

  > Totally free? Are you sure?
  > Why do you ask for donations since the program is free?
  > Who's behind it?
  > Is it any different than other similar programs?
  > Does it work on my PDA?
  > What hardware do I need?
  > What operating system does it run on?
  > Can I use the texts of the module add-ons (Bibles, Books, etc.) for other purposes?
  > Can I suggest a new feature?
  > How can I find out which version of the program I am using?
  > Is it safe to give you my email for your newsletter?
  > How do I upgrade to the latest version?
  > Purpose of theWord - Included add-on modules

Paid modules & Donations

  > I lost my unlock data/serial number! How can I recover it?
  > How can I get the NIV 2011 version with a discount if I already own the NIV 1984 edition?
  > How can I get the UBS4/NA27/NA28 Greek New Testament version with a discount if I already own one of these?
  > How do cross-module discounts work?
  > I made a donation: how do I receive my gift?

Change log - see what's new in each release of theWord

  > Version - May 17, 2015
  > Version - Nov 20, 2012
  > Version, 1162, 1167 - Feb 3, 2011
  > Version - Sep 2, 2010
  > Version - 22 June 2010
  > Version - 22 May 2010
  > Version - 7 May 2010
  > Version 15 Mar 2010
  > Version 11 Feb 2010
  > Version 31 Jan 2010
  > Version changes - 17 Nov 2009
  > Version changes - 18 Sep 2009
  > Version changes - 15 Sep 2009
  > Version changes - 1 Aug 2009
  > Version changes - 22 Jul 2009
  > Version changes - 20 Jul 2009
  > Version changes - 14 Jul 2009
  > Version changes - 12 Jul 2009
  > Importer change log

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