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Version changes - 14 Jul 2009

- updating a subject or commentary verse reference with SHIFT+CTRL+N would not update the topics' tree in some cases and the caption of the book view.
- [new feature]: book searches can be canceled with the ESC key
- english.lng updated
- fixed newly introduced bug in Hypertext dialog: the 'Target/Verse' drop down would not select with the mouse. Also, required 2 clicks some times
- [new feature]: added an option in the views system menu "Restrict floating windows within screen"
- fixed shortcuts not working from floating views (e.g. CTRL+N from floating book view)
- in Hypertext dialog, if one chooses to link to the module itself (from the drop-down combos), then the [self] is used in the link and not the module id.
- in Hypertext dialog, added a warning if you try to link to a module that does not have an identifier

last updated on Saturday, 01 August 2009
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