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Version 15 Mar 2010

Version 3.1.2 is just a maintenance release that fixes some rather obscure issues:
- [fix]: morph codes where not displayed upon first launch of the program, yet the option was selected. This caused confusion to first time users
- [fix]: image resizing would cause some images to be oversized when displayed in popups
- [fix]: Bible view options dialog was too small and the link for the 'Separate strong and morph dictionaries' was not visible
- [fix]: nearw operator fix (incorrect results in some cases)
- [fix]: clicking on a web-link caused the default browser to open, but with subsequent mouse move theWord would come in front without being activated
- [fix]: by default, copying multiple verses from bible view context menu didn't have a header: switched to previous behavior
- [fix]: bug in book view search results highlighting could cause TW to hang
- [fix]: search highlighting in Mickelson and NASEC for single Hebrew characters, cause letter-rearrangement
- [fix]: CTRL+F9, CTRL+F10, CTRL+F11 navigation shortcuts did not work properly always
- [change]: increased max verses in lists to 3000 from 1000
- [new]: added|1 option in config.ini: allows centering the target topic when clicking on a link with a defined bookmark
- [fix]: in Vista and Win7, pressing F1 to display the help file caused a windows dialog to be displayed saying that "the help file cannot be displayed", although the help file was displayed
- [fix]: bug with images in tooltips appearing larger
- [fix]: hyperlink dialog would not list Map modules in the 'Books' combo box
- [new]: New user module dialog: option for map & graphics
- [new]: About dialog is now resizable. Also fixed issues with resizable dialogs with large fonts (dpi=120).
- [fix]: fixed broken unicode hints in dialogs

last updated on Monday, 15 March 2010
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