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How can I get the UBS4/NA27/NA28 Greek New Testament version with a discount if I already own one of these?

If you already own the electronic version of any of the UBS4/NA27/NA28 you can get the other two with a 40% discount. To do so, please go to and as promo code use the Unlock key you already have by adding the suffix -UBS4 or -NA27 or -NA28, depending on which version you want to get.

For example, let's say you already bought the NA27 version and your unlock key for this version is AQRAW-E24G8-5UPXZ-GQ8G3. You are eligible to get the UBS4 and NA28, each with 40% discount. To get:
  • the UBS4 you need to use the promo code AQRAW-E24G8-5UPXZ-GQ8G3-UBS4
  • the NA28 you need to use the promo code AQRAW-E24G8-5UPXZ-GQ8G3-NA28

You will find the Unlock key in the activation email you got when you made your purchase. If you can't find this email, you can request it to be re-sent at the email address you have used when you bought it by going to the Recover your unlock data page.

If you have any questions or need more help, please contact us at

last updated on Saturday, 01 November 2014
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