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title Amazing Grace, 366 Hymn Stories for Personal Devotions
by Osbeck, Kenneth W

HIGHLIGHTS:This inspirational devotional is based on 366 great hymns of the Christian faith. Each day highlights Biblical truths drawn from the true-to-life experiences behind the writing of these well-known hymns.
AVAILABILITY:Immediate download and unlock of module
Item #: 59
title 31 Days with the Master Fisherman
by Moyer, R. Larry

HIGHLIGHTS:Written in a one month, daily devotional format, this book will encourage all believers to join in the Great Commission to share the Good News.
AVAILABILITY:Immediate download and unlock of module
Item #: 60
title Approaching God
by Enns, Paul

HIGHLIGHTS:A year's worth of devotional reading ideal for learning the basics of Christian doctrine. Covering the entire summary of basic Christian doctrine from bibliology to eschatology, Approaching God is organized systematically and divided into 365 portions for daily reading. Enns uses everyday illustrations and non-theology language, resulting in a highly readable and inviting format.
AVAILABILITY:Immediate download and unlock of module
Item #: 64

Paid modules

Amplified Bible
Amplified Bible
Formal equivalence (word for word); Includes more than 6000 cross-references, footnotes, red letters, 14 colored maps.

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