Not happy with theWord toGo USB Flash Drive?

We are sorry to hear that theWord toGo USB Flash drive has failed to meet your expectations! As per our 100 days, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you are eligible to request a full refund of your $35 donation.

The only thing we are asking you is to fill out the following form with honesty, explaining to us how theWord toGo did not work for you. This will help us improve ourselves!

If you have any functional issue with the theWord toGo that we can help with, or need instructions of guidance with it, you can always contact us at our support email and we will do our best to help you out. If you still feel that you don't want to continue using theWord toGo, then you are free to write us and we will proceed with the refund.

Remember, you don't need to send us back the flash drive! We will not put you in any kind of hassle! If you don't like it that's enough.

Please allow us 2-3 business days to process the refund.

Tell us how theWord toGo did not meet your expectations:

Please be honest and concise; this will help us improve ourselves.


Please, fill in your name, email and address that theWord toGo was sent:

It is important to fill in correctly these data in order to locate your donation and refund you.

Requested amount:
Full name:
As per the Guarantee Terms we will be refunding you up to the full donated amount for the USB flash drive, which is $35 (or €25). You are free to request the full amount to be refunded, or a smaller amount if you still want to consider a donation.

Stay tuned!

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