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Support for extra lemmas in <a href="xx"> tag

Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 8:24 pm
by RubioTerra
The <a href=xxx> tag supports several elements in the Bible view: _STRONG_, _STRONG2, _STRONG3_, _STRONG4_, _STRONG5_, _STRONG6_, _MORPH_, _MORPH2_, _MORPH3_, _LEMMA_, _ORIGWORD_, _LEMHOM_. Notice there is support for 3 Strong's, 3 morphology tags, but there can be only one lemma.

I believe it should support also _LEMMA2_ and _LEMMA3_ for completude. I ran into this limitation while working with a Bible module in which words have more than one lemma, because the language agglutinates several words into one.