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Is Beta .1524 to be Released as TW6?

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2021 6:55 pm
by Doctordavet
I know Costas is pretty tight lipped about news; just checking in to see. Once upon a time, I installed every new beta. I don't do that anymore, so I'm impatiently waiting for the newest release. IFF .1524 is considered a trial run for the next official release, I'll probably give it a go.

Re: Is Beta .1524 to be Released as TW6?

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2021 8:01 pm
by JG
Hi Dave,
Progress is slow. It is two steps forward and one back with a new renderer upgrade, which probably needs upgrading again now...
Your frustration is shared by us here, but let's be positive with what we have to use at this time.
Proverbs 13:12 (GNB92)
When hope is crushed, the heart is crushed, but a wish come true fills you with joy.

Here is a quick list of fixes, changes, and additions since 1450 release. You might notice a slight lag in rendering topics with many "paragraphs", which we are looking at now.

- [change]: removed the 'Skinned Window border' option because it brought too many problems, especially in newer version of Windows. A 'legacy' option has been added in the config.ini, namely 'skin.caption.enable=1' that will enable the old behavior, if desired. There is no promise for future maintenance of this legacy mode though.
- even when deleting an existing set, it could re-appear on restart
- adding new sets would cause mix-up on the sets (problem was with alphanumeric sorting of sets in combo box: error appeared when adding a set that was added in the beginning).
- [change]: regular expression Bible searches are now greedy by default. To switch back to old non-greedy behavior, add in the [general] section of the config.ini
- [change]: update topic's subject dialog width increased
- [change]: Bible view: CTRL+up/down arrow keys just scroll the view, instead of moving to prev/next verse
- [chnage]: Bible view context-menu now appears on mouse-release (instead of mouse-press) and is consistent with book-view behavior. Now it is possible to hover mouse over a link for a popup, right-click and move mouse over the popup to keep it visible.
- [change]: changed the tip on the bottom of the hover-popup to tell the user that it can now stay visible if the user keeps the right-mouse-button pressed while he moves the mouse over the popup.
- [new]: in Bible view, Compare mode, when Bibles are arranged in rows, the title of the Bibles are now links and when clicked the Bible view switches to this Bible.
- [new]: added function to create new topic-links from bookmarks within a single topic:
- function is accessed from within the Bookmarks dialog -> All bookmarks tab.
- works for dictionary and book modules
- [...]: continuing from new feature of 1482 of topic-links from bookmarks:
- [...]: continuing from new feature of 1482 of topic-links from bookmarks:
- when creating a bookmark, the selected text now becomes the subject of the new bookmark. This makes it easier to later use this subject as the subject of the topic-link
- [change]: when right-clicking on the book view, the word that is closely to the mouse gets queried in order to decide how to initialize the context menu. Until now, if the mouse was not directly on a word, the right-click was assumed to happen on blank/white area (for example, right-clicking on white/space left to an item with a bookmark would not display 'Edit bookmark' but would display 'Bookmarks')
- [new]: added the 'headings' switch as an option in verse.rules 'toggle' attribute: this means that a verse rule can now be toggled on/off when headings are on/off.
- [new]: added case.sensitive.word.index option in config table of dictionary/book modules: if set to 1, then lookups (and the wordindex) are case sensitive. When this option is set, the topics_wordindex is rebuilt and the index version is incremented to 5.
- spell checking in book view user modules (testing)
- menu Window->Close->Bible tree: incorrectly showed F10 as the shortcut key, removed
- spelling: changed the hunspelldll.dll to a newer version because it crashed in compact mode
- spelling: words with even number of letters were not checked
- spelling: custom dictionary was overwritten on restart
- adding new 'Export Topics' function (Work in progress)
- [new]: added the 'paragraphs' switch as an option in verse.rules 'toggle' attribute: this means that a verse rule can now be toggled on/off when paragraph-mode is on/off.
- wip: export topics:
- docx: outline levels work properly
- docx: topic hierarchy exported as in book view
- added options in export topics dialog
- bookmarks are not only visible in book view only in user-mode (e.g. when the module is editable). In non-user module they are shown if CTRL is pressed.
- new version of RichView (viewer) is now used. Several changes and updates. The change was for better export support.
- reverted to using old rendering engine when running under Wine/Linux due to rendering issues
- update copyright to display 2021
- removed donate item from About menu
- added ability to export topics from book search results. Its now possible to export topics that match a search from different modules all at once.
- regression from 1501: bible search input text box could end up with less height than needed to display the content. Also the 'search what' button on the left is better aligned now.
- added support for option 'no.uniscribe=1' in '[general]' section in config.ini to turn-off uniscribe rendering engine in windows (it is turned off by default on linux/wine).
- when exporting book search results from copyrighted (locked) modules, a maximum of 10% of topics count or 25 topics (smallest) are exported. These are actual topics, not links (meta records).
- added dpi scaling for 'Define Module Sets' dialog
- saving config.ini is now crash-resistant; if something goes wrong during saving, the old config.ini is restored.
- internal changes (code refactoring to remove compile cyclic dependencies)
- more internal changes
- Unlock keys dialog: extra spaces are being trimmed now to avoid unexpected behavior
- default font size for rtf text is now 10pts instead of 12pts
- finalized transparent image handling (PNG): transparent PNGs are converted to non-transparent (with white background) when scaled. This will be the final behavior for tw6.
- images are now auto-resized in module properties dialog, in the about section, if this not not a user module.
- changed splash screen logo, preparing for v6 release
- added support for downloading and installing spelling dictionaries via the 'Add Titles...' dialog. Requires version 6.
- update lng file with messages from Preferences->Proofing dialog
- added Export Topics dialog messages to .lng file
1513: Search enhancement: when searching ignoring diacritics, the following characters are all considered equivalent:
- quotation mark u+0022
- apostrophe u+0027
- grave accent u+0060
- acute accent u+00b4
- left single quotation mark u+2018
- right single quotation mark u+2019
- left double quotation mark u+201c
- right double quotation mark u+201d
1514: additions to 1513:
1515: bible search view: when searching for a big phrase that fills the entire search box, then when switching between 'Fast' and 'Detailed' tab, the background of the input search box would turn black.
1516: work-in-progress: adding functionality to check for new modules and display an extra menu/alert. Non-stable function at this point.
1517: finalizing (almost) the check for new titles:
- added separate option to check for new titles (different from checking for new program version)
- refactored the auto-update to be more robust (less messages, more immediate)
- in 'Add titles' dialog, the links to select which titles to display were replaced with buttons to make it more obvious to the user
- the 'New Titles...' button always displays hint with the new modules, even if the global option to display hints is not checked
1519: finalized function related to checking for new titles:
- 'New Titles...' button appears for all modules that have been added in the past 30 days
- when the user clicks the 'New Titles...' button, it will not appear again for one week
- added relevant messages in .lng file
- the 'Download Modules' dialog now displays modules with an update when the user selects the to see new (last 30 days) titles
- added support for CI and CM tags for r2l modules
- added missing messages from book-view right click menu to lng file (the ones related to spelling).
- 'New Titles...' button hint would not display unicode

Re: Is Beta .1524 to be Released as TW6?

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2021 4:19 pm
by Doctordavet
Hey, Jon,

Thank you very much for the reply (although I did note that, technically, you dodged the question...). I posed that question because .1524 has been the latest available beta for two months. I also had noted that the TW6 splash screen had already been included and was awaiting publication (.1509). I'm not frustrated; just a little "impatient" (like a kid waiting to open a promised gift).

Most of us are silent. But let me assure you all how grateful we are to the Lord for your diligent labor of love and service - both to Him and us!

Re: Is Beta .1524 to be Released as TW6?

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2021 4:25 pm
by JG
The trial run has changed into further development needed.

Re: Is Beta .1524 to be Released as TW6?

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2021 9:22 pm
by jonathangkoehn
We are working on fine tuning a few items before official release. (We like to provide a good product.)
Specifically we are wrestling with some Hebrew RTL issues primarily and these are tricky if you've worked much with Hebrew.
And perhaps a couple other things we will see.