Best modern Greek translation

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Best modern Greek translation

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Since The Word is of Greek origin, can anyone tell me which of the available modern Greek translations is best for a learner of modern Greek? I can already read New Testament Greek, so I'm not looking for an accurate translation so much as more representative modern Greek. It seems to me that the B́άμβας versions are literal and archaic (is this what's known as Καθαρεύουσα;) But I don't know enough modern Greek yet to assess the differences between the φίλος (e.g. προς τον Θεό...Όλα έγιναν διαμέσου αυτού) and μεταγλώττιση (e.g. προς το Θεό...Τα πάντα μέσω αυτού έγιναν) versions. Any help would be appreciated.


John M Tait.