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Question About Saving My Place In A General Book Module

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 4:20 pm
by Doctordavet
  • This question is going to be cumbersome perhaps, because the verbage I would use is used otherwise in this program. It has to do with finding my place in a General Book Module that I am currently reading devotionally. I would call them "bookmarks," but that word is already in use for another feature (bookmarking Bible verses).
The Setup
  • I am working through a 3 volume General Book Module by Klaas Schilder with these titles: "Christ In His Suffering, Christ on Trial, Christ Crucified." I am using them as daily devotionals along with daily Bible readings. Due to the length of the chapters, I am only reading partial chapters. After I finish my Daily Bible Reading (created with TW's awesome "Bible Reading Plan" creation tool!!), I move over to a book window where the Schilder module resides. When I finish whatever portion I've read, I save the layout, leaving the Schilder book where I left off.

    When I reenter the Daily Devotional layout, the Bible Reading Plan list is where I moved it to, right so that the next listed reading is right at the top - no scrolling/searching necessary. But the window with Schilder in it? Nope. It seems to open to a wrong text location within the correct chapter. Again: right chapter, wrong text at the top.

    My workaround has been to use yellow highlighting for the paragraph where I've left off. I can scroll around a little to find where I've left off, but that seems clumsy.
The Question
  • So finally, here is the question: Is there some way I can set some kind of savepoint so that my General Book will open right to where I left off reading the last time, something that works just like the Bible bookmarks work, except for General Books?
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Re: Question About Saving My Place In A General Book Module

Posted: Wed Jan 12, 2022 6:04 pm
by csterg
Hi Dave,
When you save a layout, the current scroll position of each book view is also saved (not the actual content position). When you restore the layout, what is restored is the scroll position. Yet, if the actual size of the book view has changed (e.g. you resized your view or the main window), the restored scroll position does not correspond to the same reading position. Is that the case?


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Re: Question About Saving My Place In A General Book Module

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2022 1:10 am
by Doctordavet
Happy New Year to you, too, Good Sir.

OK - thanks for the education. I either forgot, or did not know, about the scroll point. I understand the intended behavior. Here is what I am finding in my experience. The farther down I go in the chapter to set the save point for the layout, the farther off I am when I come back to that layout. So, if I read a couple of paragraphs, the save point is so close that my place is still in the window. But if I set the save point, say 75% of the way down the chapter, the save point does not show me the text where I left off. It shows text I've already read (say, about 60% or so from the top).

Is that how it is supposed to work in reality, or does that reveal some kind of a glitch? If it is a glitch, and I can help solve it, I will do what I can to assist.

On a personal note, I'm looking forward to sitting down with you someday and enjoying lunch together. Perhaps in 150 years or so?

Re: Question About Saving My Place In A General Book Module

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2022 1:15 pm
by csterg
I had a private discussion with Jon and he suggested to save the actual character index, instead of the scroll position. I think this is doable (need to find the character position of the first visible character and restore to this position later). I will add it in my list to implement!


Hopefully this lunch takes place sooner :)

Re: Question About Saving My Place In A General Book Module

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2022 2:11 pm
by Doctordavet
OK - looking forward to TW6 even more now.

About lunch - I was thinking about a time when world travel might be safer due to Political conditions being better....