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New Install: Mickelson's but no separate Strong's?

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 11:44 pm
by FollowsTheWay146
Hello, I have used TW for years and have both Mickelson's and the original (non-Mickelson's) Strong's separately available to me in the Book view (they have their own dedicated, separate tabs) and also as separate options under the "Bible view options>Strong's Numbers" drop-down box. I can optionally select Mickelson's or the original Strong's (or Thayer's, BDB, etc.).

My KJ version is from TW website: "King James Version of 1611/1769 with Strong's numbers"

The Problem: I have a friend who I am trying to help from afar, who downloaded/installed TW on a Win10 computer and has the same KJ above that I do as part of the install, but ONLY Mickelson's ("M-Strong's") shows up as a tab on the Book view. No separate (non-Mickelson's) "Strong's" tab. Additionally, there is no separate "Strong's" option available in the "Bible view options>Strong's Numbers" drop-down box, only an option for Mickelson's.

My friend would like to have separate Mickelson's and Strong's available, so a Strong's tab in the Book view (just like I do) and also as an option in the "Bible view options>Strong's Numbers" drop-down box. I'm stuck and need help please. What happened to the original, separate version of Strong's on the installation? Thank you in advance!

EDIT/FIXED: problem fixed! I had my friend do a "Check for updates on installed titles" and it found several, including something called "KJV tagged Strong's Numbers (Updated) (KJVPlus)" ... and so downloaded/installed and, voila!, a separate Strong's now available. God bless.