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Fundamentals of New Testament Greek - New Resource!

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 6:48 pm
by jonathangkoehn
Fundamentals of New Testament Greek
“We know that this book works and will take students to a level not often achieved through other beginning textbooks.” So say Stanley Porter and his coauthors in the preface to theirFundamentals of New Testament Greek— an ambitious, comprehensive introduction to the grammar and vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
This first-year Greek textbook discusses all the forms and basic syntax of Koine Greek, complete with extensive paradigms, examples, and explanations. Porter, Reed, and O’Donnell’sFundamentals of New Testament Greekfeatures pedagogically sound and linguistically informed techniques of language instruction. The volume introduces the individual words and grammatical details of Greek, sensitive to their frequency of use in the New Testament, reinforcing for students the elements that they will most often encounter. Grammatical forms, including the less common ones, are analyzed and explained in detail, often with illustrative examples from the Greek New Testament. The authors include complete paradigms and give numerous examples; the vocabulary list includes nearly one thousand words, which are introduced throughout the book’s thirty chapters.
Students who complete this text will be able to move directly into Greek exegesis courses and more advanced Greek-language courses. Fundamentals of New Testament Greek will prove invaluable for gaining a thorough foundational understanding of New Testament Greek, including full exposure to the formation, accenting, and semantics of its complex verbal system.
Read more about the book in a blog post by its editor, Craig Noll, on EerdWord.
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