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Biblical Hebrew An Introductory Grammar - New Resource!

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 6:57 pm
by jonathangkoehn
Biblical Hebrew An Introductory Grammar
A standard, much-used textbook updated and improved. The fruit of decades of classroom teaching, this carefully crafted, comprehensive grammar of Biblical Hebrew has instructed thousands of students since its original publication in 1992. The book offers easy-to-understand explanations, numerous biblical illustrations, and a wide range of imaginative, biblically based exercises. Page Kelley’sBiblical Hebrewconsists of thirty-one lessons, each presenting grammatical concepts with examples and exercises judiciously selected from the biblical text. Complementing and enhancing the book are eleven complete verb charts, an extensive vocabulary list, a substantive glossary, and a subject index.
In this second edition Timothy Crawford has updated the text throughout while preserving the Page Kelley approach that has madeBiblical Hebrewso popular over the years.
theWord Features
  • Verse popups
  • Terms explained popups
  • Footnote popups
  • Fully searchable text
  • Easy navigation via topics tree display.
  • Hebrew Lemmas
  • Special Text Colors
  • Normal: Text
  • Hyperlink:Glossary|Gen. 9:8
  • Page Number:pg 21>
  • Latin:matres lectionis
  • Transliteration:šeqel
  • Hebrew:א

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