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Net Bible, version 2.1, full notes edition - Update!

Posted: Thu Jul 29, 2021 11:47 pm
by jonathangkoehn
NET Bible, version 2.1, full notes edition

Version 2.1 Released!
The NET Bible is a powerful new translation of the Bible (having 58,504 translators’ notes by experts in the original biblical languages). When you combine theWord Bible software program with this Bible, you can easily see the translator’s many notes by simply mousing over the translator’s note’s number, and the actual text will pop up.
These translator’s notes are an excellent commentary for Bible studentsknowing Greek and Hebrew in that they point out the original words, how their underlying forms (grammatical structure) affects the translation of the verse. But at the same time, while this highly technical information is available for the experienced scholar, it is also very clear and understandable for the common Bible student as far as what it means. For example, the moods and tenses of Greek verbs often have comments when they reflect on the meaning of the text. This is very helpful and insightful to common Bible student.
This is an updated version 2 of this work. It also adds Strong’s numbers to the text.

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