"The Word" built - 15 October 2006

From here you can check the latest version of the software and related apps (e.g. Importer utillity). New add-on modules will be announced here also (Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc)
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"The Word" built - 15 October 2006

Post by csterg »

A minor bug was found in ver. (uploaded earlier), and this one fixes the issue. Also, when deleting a footnote, the entry is now also deleted from the 'My footnotes' commentary.

Although the study view is editable, nothing is actually saved. This also applied to the footnotes. If you want to add your own footnotes, you still need to use the old way (e.g. F2 on the Bible text). Editing the text in the study view will NOT save it.

Please, remember that the study view is actually in preview stage: many things will not work.