Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar - Book Release

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Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar - Book Release

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Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar
As edited and enlarged by the late
E. Kautzsch professor of theology in the University of Halle
Second English Edition Revised in accordance with the twenty-eighth German Edition (1909) by A. E. Cowley with a facsimile of the Siloam inscription by J. Euting, and a table of alphabets by M. Lidzbarski Oxford at the Clarendon Press
Oxford University Press, Amen House, London E.C. 4
Glasgow New York Tornoto Melbourne Wellington
Bombay Calcutta Madras Karachi Captetown Ibadan
Geoffrey Cumberlege, Publisher to the University
Second English Edition 1910
Reprinted Lithographically in Great Britain at the University Press, Oxford, 1946; 1949; 1952; 1956
One of the definitive reference works for the study of Biblical Hebrew.

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