The Case for Byzantine Priority - Book Release

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The Case for Byzantine Priority - Book Release

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The Case for Byzantine Priority
by Maurice A. Robinson
This is an excellent companion to the "The Greek New Testament - Byzantine Textform"
There has been no change in people's opinions of the Byzantine text. Critics may be kinder to Byzantine readings but for reasons not related to their Byzantine nature. It's not really much of a change. Bob Waltz

A Problem of Modern Eclecticism: Sequential Variant Units and the Resultant "Original" Text
The essence of a Byzantine-priority method
Principles to be Applied toward Restoration of the Text
Principles of Internal Evidence
Principles of External Evidence
Selected Objections to the Byzantine-Priority Hypothesis
Inaccuracies and misleading claims
Concluding Observations

Greek New Testament in the Original Greek, Byzantine Majority Text is available to Download in Add Titles or here: ... ty.gbk.exe

"Free to You" "The Case for Byzantine Priority" Book is available thanks to support from users like you! If you would like you can the conversion of more resources like this here: ... velopment/
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