translation of the main website

For translators. Undertake the job to translate to your language, report translation errors here. Co-ordinate with other working on a translation of the program.
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translation of the main website

Post by elijahlau »

the translation of the program is done, but then the more people can be blessed if the language of main website can be translated too.

then we can bless those cant understand english with the website as well.
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Re: translation of the main website

Post by csterg »

Thank you for this idea; this is something that i have considered, yet the truth is that time constraints have stopped me from doing so. I have considered translating part of it, at least the pages to get some info and the downloads,
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Re: translation of the main website

Post by RubioTerra »

I second that suggestion, Costas. Like you said, at least the front page and the download page. The Forum link would take to the language-specific forum. That alone would be of great help.
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Re: translation of the main website

Post by Leoram »

I know of something that can be used as a workaround to get an almost instant translation of theWord web site. It is capable of translating from, say, English to any of 50+ different languages. It is a button from Google you can drag onto the bookmark toolbar. It can be obtained from:

To me it can perform a very acceptable translation of a web page from any the languages listed to the ones I can understand.

I hope this is useful.
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