Floating window issue and resolution in Linux

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Floating window issue and resolution in Linux

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I run Linux Mint 20 with Wine 5.14 and triple monitors - the left monitor is internet and a few other things, the middle monitor (27") is my main TW monitor, the right monitor is floating windows and a few other things. I run TW on an SSD and 16 Gb of ram. I have fought for a long time with TW running on the middle monitor, one or more floating windows on the right monitor and it plays very well - UNTIL I click on anything in the left monitor. At that point the floating windows on the right monitor grey out and it is a challenge getting the original text to display again. I do not feel this is a TW issue, but related to how Wine currently works in Linux. The issue has been there for a long time in my setups; again I do not feel it has anything to do with TW. TW runs beautifully for me in Wine!

So I have been reading older posts on multi-monitor displays and using two instances of TW running and sharing modules. So I have set up TW compact in two folders, with the second instance using the extra.paths option in the config.ini to use the modules of the first instance. I can now do all my research and study, and my "floating windows" in the second instance of TW are always visible. I can now have multiple modules open on each instance if I want. The only drawback is not being able to sync things on the second instance with the first instance, but I can live with that.

Just thought I'd share what is working very well with me. I've attached a screenshot showing my "current" layout.

my setup.png
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