IVP Bible Background Commentary NT 2nd Edition -Book Release

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IVP Bible Background Commentary NT 2nd Edition -Book Release

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To buy this resource:https://www.thewordbooks.com/index.php/ ... aries-nt2/

This revised edition of the standard reference work in its field has been expanded throughout to now provide even more up-to-date information by Craig Keener, one of the leading New Testament scholars on Jewish, Greek and Roman culture.

To understand and apply the Bible well, you need two crucial sources of information. One is the Bible itself. The other is an understanding of the cultural background of the passage you’re reading.

Only with the background can you grasp the author’s original concerns and purposes. This unique commentary provides, in verse-by-verse format, the crucial cultural background you need for responsible–and richer–Bible study. It includes a glossary of cultural terms and important historical figures, maps and charts, up-to-date bibliographies, and introductory essays about cultural background information for each book of the New Testament.

Based on decades of in-depth study, this accessible and bestselling commentary is valuable for pastors in sermon preparation, for Sunday-school and other church teachers as they build lessons, for missionaries concerned not to import their own cultural biases into the Bible, for college and seminary students in classroom assignments, and for everyday Bible readers seeking to deepen and enhance their study of Scripture.

theWord version of this resource is enhanced for your convenience in a Hybrid-form module. It is a book, that acts more like a commentary. Bible passages can be syncronized so that the book follows along as you study verses and passages of the Bible. Most verse references have popups of the verse when hovered. Also Glossary words have links and popups to the Glossary for easy reference of terms marked with *.
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Re: IVP Bible Background Commentary NT 2nd Edition -Book Rel

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Yeah, I agree with you it's hard to understand.
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Re: IVP Bible Background Commentary NT 2nd Edition -Book Rel

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Is anyone familiar with the work of an autor?
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Re: IVP Bible Background Commentary NT 2nd Edition -Book Rel

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Wow... I will familiarise myself with this work by Craig Keener. I respect him too much, and I enjoy reading his book. I came across his work when I was an atheist and didn't believe in God. And much to my surprise, it was something to behold. Craig Keener opened my eyes to the world, and he completely changed my thinking. And later, after reading his work, I believed in God. Now I try to go to the temple regularly https://firstchurchlove.com on weekends with my family. Unfortunately, I do not have time to attend the morning service due to my work, but I go to all the other services.
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