Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies - New!

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Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies - New!

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So many words about the Word. The study of anything seems to generate its own special vocabulary, and biblical studies is no different. What’s more, it’s got nearly a two-thousand-year lead on you! How can you catch up? Here is the answer!
If you are puzzled by parataxis or rankled by recensions, thePocket Dictionary of Biblical Studiesis the companion you need. Whether you are studying Old Testament or New Testament or both at once, this little book is your private tutor, your ever-ready guide to over three hundred biblical-studies terms. Here’s your glossary for reading course textbooks, your decoder for listening to lectures, your review sheet for cramming for finals and your “help” key for writing research papers.
Among the more than 300 terms defined you’ll discover
  • types of biblical criticism, fromgenre criticismtotradition criticism
  • Greek and Latin terms, fromagraphatovaticinium ex eventu
  • German terms, fromFrühkatholizismustoWissenschaft
  • ancient texts, fromAleppo CodextoZadokite Document
  • literary features, fromacrostictowoe oracle
  • theories, from theAugustinian hypothesisto theYahwist source
  • textual criticism terms, fromcodextoWestern text
Written by Arthur G. Patzia and Anthony J. Petrotta, two biblical studies professors who know what you need to know,Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studieswill be your essential guide into a fascinating world of understanding.
theWord Features
  • Verse popups
  • Fully searchable text
  • Easy navigation of topics via topics tree display.
  • Special Text Colors
  • Normal: Text
  • Hyperlink:Link | Jn 3:36
  • Greek:λογος
  • Hebrew:א

To buy this resource: https://www.thewordbooks.com/index.php/ ... l-studies/
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