Groves-Wheeler Westminster Hebrew morphology 4.22 Update!

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Groves-Wheeler Westminster Hebrew morphology 4.22 Update!

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Groves-Wheeler Westminster Hebrew morphology 4.22

Groves-Wheeler Westminster Leningrad Codex (WLC) with full parsing information. The complete text of the Hebrew Bible with the Groves-Wheeler Westminster Hebrew Morphology (version 4.22). Includes vowels, cantillation marks, lemmas and full grammatical analysis for each word.
This version allows searching on any feature of the text, including grammar, lemmas, notes, readings (ketiv/qere), homonyms, etc. You can search on consonants only or using vowels and accents. You can perform complex searches combining lemmas and grammar and even editor notes!
Grammar codes may appear inline with the text or you can completely hide themand have the full grammar information appear when you hover your mouse over the Hebrew words. Along with the Hebrew text, a dictionary provides a comprehensive guide to help you understand the grammar codes and gives a detailed analysis of each grammar tag.
Includes grammatical parsing, lemmas, vowels, cantillation marks, alternate readings (Qere/Ketiv), editor notes.

To Purchase this resource: ... orphology/
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