hoisting or filtering the tree in general books

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hoisting or filtering the tree in general books

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It would be useful to me if I could "hoist" or "filter" the tree to view only a portion of the tree I am currently working on.

This is very handy in RightNote (see image) where I can temporarily limit the amount of the tree to my current study.

This is also a feature of FreePlane mindmapping program where it is called "filtering".

If such functionality were possible and feasible in TW, I would like to be able to control whether a search would be restricted to the hoisted tree nodes or to the full tree. Also, I think my primary need would be in general books but it might be nice for any module with a tree structure.

RightNote is written in Delphi. Freeplane is Java.

(The image shows the tree in some disarray as it had to accommodate a change in the curriculum and in the number of study groups I was involved with at different times.)
hoisting a tree branch.png
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