theWord 6 Officially Released (auto-update mechanism not yet set)

From here you can check the latest version of the software and related apps (e.g. Importer utillity). New add-on modules will be announced here also (Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc)
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theWord 6 Officially Released (auto-update mechanism not yet set)

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Many of you have been following development of theWord while it has been in a very long beta phase. For you there won't appear to be any changes to the last beta build 1532. However for those that will be waiting for the switch to be set for automatic update alert, there will be changes as noted in the beta changelog from 1450 v5 to 1532 v6 as follows.

Noteworthy additions to theWord are shown in bold blue.

- [fix]: the strong_orig_word column in a strong dictionary was not properly spotted (in order for the strong original words to be included in the word topicindex) if the table create ddl contained quotes around the table name or the ddl statement included line breaks
- [fix]: when a strong tag contained an 'x' or 's' in the end (used for 'untranslated strong numbers' and 'same word as prev' cases), the search engine would not locate them.
- [fix]: insert manager: the Help window did not have as parent the current form: clicked twice would 'crash' tw.
- [fix]: Install Modules dialog: the 2 button on the right of 'Select files to install' were overlapping in some languages (e.g. Dutch)
- [fix]: obscure issue when deleting module.
- [fix]: Module Installer would cause the program to stop responding if one tried to update an existing module that was not below the standard module directory.
- [fix]: the twrestart.exe utility that resides in the Cache folder is not over-written each time theWord restarts to avoid AntiVirus warnings.
- [fix]: reworked the logic that tries to keep the main window within the limits of visible/current monitors on startup.
- [fix]: hovering the mouse over an xref link in Bible compare view while holding the CTRL key would not display the popup for the current Bible; it would always use the default
- [fix]: when inserting a table, the column count default setting was set from the row count (when the 'remember settings' option was selected)
- [fix]: TSx tags (heading tags) that appear in Bibles are NOT ignored when searching, for level 4, 5, 6
- [fix]: 'Apply' button in 'Define Module Sets' dialog was untranslated (fix is in .lng file only)
- [fix]: regression from 1475 with TSx tags.
- [fix]: regression (2) from 1475 with TSx tags.
- [fix]: compatibility with Window8/Windows10 high dpi screens
- [fix]: list view would not wrap (regression)
- [change]: removed the 'Skinned Window border' option because it brought too many problems, especially in newer version of Windows. A 'legacy' option has been added in the config.ini, namely 'skin.caption.enable=1' that will enable the old behavior, if desired. There is no promise for future maintenance of this legacy mode though.
- [fix]: File->Preferences->Advanced: added a hint that explains that when multiple Bibles are displayed on popups, the default/active always comes first.
- [fix]: Copy Verses dialog: Sets function:
- even when deleting an existing set, it could re-appear on restart
- adding new sets would cause mix-up on the sets (problem was with alphanumeric sorting of sets in combo box: error appeared when adding a set that was added in the beginning).
- [fix]: Copy Verses: footer format would not support %b, %c, %v: these items are now removed from the popup menu
- [change]: regular expression Bible searches are now greedy by default. To switch back to old non-greedy behavior, add in the [general] section of the config.ini
- [fix]: When the 'Update topic subject' window appears (Book view), the text is fully selected so the user can start typing immediately
- [fix]: CTRL+SHIFT+R will not reload encrypted Bibles
- [change]: Add Titles dialog:
- if a module has no download URL, no checkbox appears on the left of the row
- increased http timeout from 10s to 30s
- http-to-https redirects are now allowed
- [fix] More fixes to properly support https for downloading data remotely (e.g. Add Titles dialog, etc)
- [fix]: Cross-reference statistics dialog would display the total of the NT in the OT line, if there was no OT xref but only NT xrefs
- [fix]: Copy verses dialog: when the X is clicked (step 1), the preview is cleared.
- [fix]: the 'Update topic subject' fix (b1464) now applies to dictionary topics also
- [fix]: regression from 1460: Bible tree in large dpi would not display properly (node height would not enlarge according to higher dpi)
- [change]: update topic's subject dialog width increased
- [change]: Bible view: CTRL+up/down arrow keys just scroll the view, instead of moving to prev/next verse
- [fix]: Bible Verse List: right-click menu now is activated if right-click occurs on white space of verse item (e.g. not necessarily directly on text)
- [fix]: When detecting verse references in a contextual context in a commentary (e.g. book and/or chapter are assumed by the current commentary book and/or chapter, this happens with CTRL+SHIFT pressed and context-menu with "Detect all verse references in viewer" option), and the commentary text is non-ansii (e.g. Greek, Chinese), then the offsets of the detected verse references were wrong, e.g. the actual hyperlinks were further to the right of the actual verse numbers (bug report: ... 016#p36016)
- [chnage]: Bible view context-menu now appears on mouse-release (instead of mouse-press) and is consistent with book-view behavior. Now it is possible to hover mouse over a link for a popup, right-click and move mouse over the popup to keep it visible.
- [fix]: additional fix in relation to b1469 and detection of verse refs
- [fix]: regression from b1469: could not delete xrefs by right-clicking on them
- [fix]: right-clicking on the Bible view -> Compare view would scroll the view to the current verse
- [change]: changed the tip on the bottom of the hover-popup to tell the user that it can now stay visible if the user keeps the right-mouse-button pressed while he moves the mouse over the popup.
- [new]: in Bible view, Compare mode, when Bibles are arranged in rows, the title of the Bibles are now links and when clicked the Bible view switches to this Bible.
- [fix]: Add Titles dialog: bug with custom module repositories: when a module download link contains dynamic question mark (e.g ?), the module download fails. The are 2 work-arounds (before this fix):
1. Add a Content-Disposition header always (use .htaccess if using apache to force such a header with the filename)
2. Make sure the file url does not contains a 'dynamic' part (e.g. parameters with a ?)
- [fix]: Add Titles dialog: when the module link has a redirect, the file that gets downloaded is saved in the .exe's folder, instead of the temp folder.
- [fix]: Add Titles dialog: when the module link has a redirect, the Content-Disposition header would not parsed property if the filename="..."; had a semi-colon at the end
- [fix]: regression from b1470: context menu in Bible view would not appear if right-clicking on white space
- [change]: Bible view bookmarks dialog: changed the tip label to indicate the constraints on the name of the bookmark.
- [fix]: restoring a layout with a maximized view caused the lock-refresh mechanism to get out-of-sync causing subsequent view layout changes to cause unneeded flickering.
- [fix]: Book view Hyperlink dialog: Link colors were not properly restored when program restarted when the 'Set these colors as default' button was pressed.
- [fix]: regression from b1471: right-clicking on word in Bible view would cause the left-click action to be executed after the context menu disappeared.
- [fix]: removed minimized button from Preferences dialog
- [new]: added function to create new topic-links from bookmarks within a single topic:
- function is accessed from within the Bookmarks dialog -> All bookmarks tab.
- works for dictionary and book modules

- [...]: continuing from new feature of 1482 of topic-links from bookmarks:
- fixed problem for dictionaries where new topics did not point to actual parent topic
- fixed problem where new topic subject was not added in topics internal subject index
- [...]: continuing from new feature of 1482 of topic-links from bookmarks:
- when creating a bookmark, the selected text now becomes the subject of the new bookmark. This makes it easier to later use this subject as the subject of the topic-link
- [fix]: when editing a single bookmark, the 'Delete' button would not work in the 'Current bookmark' dialog, unless the bookmark was selected in the list in the 'All bookmarks' tab
- [change]: when right-clicking on the book view, the word that is closely to the mouse gets queried in order to decide how to initialize the context menu. Until now, if the mouse was not directly on a word, the right-click was assumed to happen on blank/white area (for example, right-clicking on white/space left to an item with a bookmark would not display 'Edit bookmark' but would display 'Bookmarks')
- [fix]: in high-dpi screens, in compare view, the header that displays the names of the Bibles was truncated (text height was not calculated properly)
- [fix]: minor typo in .lng file for "[enter a name]" text field where a name for a custom module set is set.
- [fix]: The existence of an <RF> (comment) tag in an .ont file a q attribute (e.g. <RF q="a">) would cause the TR (Strong's search on original word) would fail. (the problem was that when removing text between RF...Rf tags, the "q" attribute would cause the text in-between to not be removed).
- [new]: added the 'headings' switch as an option in verse.rules 'toggle' attribute: this means that a verse rule can now be toggled on/off when headings are on/off.
- [new]: added case.sensitive.word.index option in config table of dictionary/book modules: if set to 1, then lookups (and the wordindex) are case sensitive. When this option is set, the topics_wordindex is rebuilt and the index version is incremented to 5.
- [new] spell checking in book view user modules (testing)
- fixed font sizes in 'Add titles...' dialog for high-dpi screens (some fonts were too large there)
- menu Window->Close->Bible tree: incorrectly showed F10 as the shortcut key, removed
- spelling: changed the hunspelldll.dll to a newer version because it crashed in compact mode
- spelling: words with even number of letters were not checked
- spelling: custom dictionary was overwritten on restart
- fixed error on startup if a book view has no module and live-spelling is enabled.
- when doing manual Spelling (right-click menu), the settings for 'Ignore words in Uppercase' and 'Ignore words with numbers' are taken into account. 'Ignore links' is (unfortunately) ignored (cannot be fixed)
- fixed issue with integrated downloader and https. Newer version now understands https, older version works with http. Changes were made to official repository URLs also to support both old and new versions
- fixed bug in Copy Verses dialog: the 'Custom Sets' functionality would not properly restore the 'Step2->Short book names option' after restart.
- fixed issue that cause shutting down of the program to be delayed (or sometime crash silently). Problem was with the unloading of the hunspell library
- adding new 'Export Topics' function (Work in progress)
- [new]: added the 'paragraphs' switch as an option in verse.rules 'toggle' attribute: this means that a verse rule can now be toggled on/off when paragraph-mode is on/off.
- wip: export topics:
- fixed subject heading
- fixed rtf, html, docx
- docx: outline levels work properly
- docx: topic hierarchy exported as in book view
- added options in export topics dialog
- bookmarks are not only visible in book view only in user-mode (e.g. when the module is editable). In non-user module they are shown if CTRL is pressed.
- new version of RichView (viewer) is now used. Several changes and updates. The change was for better export support.
- fixed issue where links disappeared when converting a topic from rvf to rtf (using the Module Properties dialog).
- reverted to using old rendering engine when running under Wine/Linux due to rendering issues
- update copyright to display 2021
- several fixes for improving high-dpi monitors, specifically: book search view, bible search view, about dialog
- removed donate item from About menu
- added ability to export topics from book search results. Its now possible to export topics that match a search from different modules all at once.
- regression from 1501: bible search input text box could end up with less height than needed to display the content. Also the 'search what' button on the left is better aligned now.
- added support for option 'no.uniscribe=1' in '[general]' section in config.ini to turn-off uniscribe rendering engine in windows (it is turned off by default on linux/wine).
- 'no.unisribe=1' option added in 1502 caused some painting issues (black background flicker): it should be fixed.
- when exporting book search results from copyrighted (locked) modules, a maximum of 10% of topics count or 25 topics (smallest) are exported. These are actual topics, not links (meta records).
- added dpi scaling for 'Define Module Sets' dialog
- fixed item height in book view topics drop down list in high dpi monitor
- fixed rare issue that cause the book view content to be corrupted when highlighting search results (clicking on book search results).
- fixed RV17 issue with line breaks that could cause some topics to fail to display
- fixed RV17 regression where shrinked images would not be smooth. They are not smooth, unless they are PNG transparent in which case they are still not smooth when scaled down. There shouldn't be a need for transparent images in the first place, so make sure images in modules are NOT transparent (they never need to be)
- saving config.ini is now crash-resistant; if something goes wrong during saving, the old config.ini is restored.
- internal changes (code refactoring to remove compile cyclic dependencies)
- more internal changes
- fixed regression: book search view didn't work
- fixed spell checking issue with delimiters in non-English languages (e.g. Spanish)
- Unlock keys dialog: extra spaces are being trimmed now to avoid unexpected behavior
- default font size for rtf text is now 10pts instead of 12pts
- RV17 regression: rtl text fix: HiSB in Hebrew (Gen) was broken when displaying transliteration (transliterated text word breaks were being displayed in wrong order)
- finalized transparent image handling (PNG): transparent PNGs are converted to non-transparent (with white background) when scaled. This will be the final behavior for tw6.
- images are now auto-resized in module properties dialog, in the about section, if this not not a user module.
- changed splash screen logo, preparing for v6 release
- added support for downloading and installing spelling dictionaries via the 'Add Titles...' dialog. Requires version 6.
- update lng file with messages from Preferences->Proofing dialog
- added Export Topics dialog messages to .lng file
- fixed right-to-left Bible modules rendering of verse numbers: in a r2l Bible module if the text started with ltr text then the verse number would be merged with the ltr text thus appearing incorrectly. Now it should always appear on the right.
1513: Search enhancement: when searching ignoring diacritics, the following characters are all considered equivalent:
- quotation mark u+0022
- apostrophe u+0027
- grave accent u+0060
- acute accent u+00b4
- left single quotation mark u+2018
- right single quotation mark u+2019
- left double quotation mark u+201c
- right double quotation mark u+201d

1514: additions to 1513:
- fixed the tip of the 'Ignore case' checkbox in Bible search
- book search broke if there was an apostrophe; now it is fixed. Note that book search will not support this apostrophe neutrality
1515: bible search view: when searching for a big phrase that fills the entire search box, then when switching between 'Fast' and 'Detailed' tab, the background of the input search box would turn black.
1516: work-in-progress: adding functionality to check for new modules and display an extra menu/alert. Non-stable function at this point.
1517: finalizing (almost) the check for new titles:
- added separate option to check for new titles (different from checking for new program version)
- refactored the auto-update to be more robust (less messages, more immediate)
- in 'Add titles' dialog, the links to select which titles to display were replaced with buttons to make it more obvious to the user
- the 'New Titles...' button always displays hint with the new modules, even if the global option to display hints is not checked

- fix: relative font size tags in Bible modules (e.g. <font size="-1">...</font>), mainly used for small capitals, were not scaled proportionately if a custom font size was set for a Bible (either through File->Preferences->Bible texts->Size column or in the .ont file itself)
1519: finalized function related to checking for new titles:
- 'New Titles...' button appears for all modules that have been added in the past 30 days
- when the user clicks the 'New Titles...' button, it will not appear again for one week
- added relevant messages in .lng file
- the 'Download Modules' dialog now displays modules with an update when the user selects the to see new (last 30 days) titles
- fixed issue during installation of new module and restart that would cause theWord to restart before the old instance had a chance to finish properly. This could have caused corruption of the config.ini file.
- added support for CI and CM tags for r2l modules
- minor fix in a tooltip in bible search view
- fixed regression with 'first line indent' in paragraph mode from previous version.
- fix: File->Preferences dialog: OK and Cancel buttons were partly hidden in high-dpi screens.
- fixed a couple of non-unicode labels in properties dialog -> proofing tab
- added missing messages from book-view right click menu to lng file (the ones related to spelling).
- fixed an internal range check error regarding font loading.
- fix: regression from 1506: a second TS heading in a verse would not start in a new line
- 'New Titles...' button hint would not display unicode
- loading of very large topics is slow: tried a fix (which might be temporary). Careful that this fix might break some screen reader apps on windows.
- fix: mid-paragraph CM/CL/CI/<br>/<p> tags would cause new lines to be left-aligned in rtl bibles
- [TW-18]: fixed wrong paragraph alignment in multi-line footnotes in r2l bibles (regression from 1526)
- [TW-6]: fixed incorrect r2l alignment in r2l Bibles after mid-verse new line
- [TW-17]: fixed broken CL tag in r2l volumes (regression from 1526)
- fix to reduce bible view flickering
- fixed regression from 1528 that would cause formatting toolbars to now change properly
- remove 'high-dpi' support from manifest (reverted to pre-6 behavior)
- fixed issue that would cause a range-check error if an invalid xref was encountered in a .ont file.
- fixed version label in About box to always be visible in high-dpi screens
- changed verse reference text color to be standard window text color (instead of highlight).
- fixed 'Appreciation' resources display in 'Download modules' dialog (including proper sorting on the 'Price' column)
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