Beta 1492

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Beta 1492

Post by John45 »

I notice that all the words in my notes now have red underlining. When I right click on one and click on Spelling, it indicates there is a spelling error when there is not. Thought you should know.
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Re: Beta 1492

Post by royhieatt »

Hi John and Jon,

Spelling is working correctly for me in 1492. Windows 10.

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Re: Beta 1492

Post by therapon »

Spell check doesn't like curly single quotes. It wants to convert them to straight quotes.

God’s is treated as a misspelling, God's "passes" spell check.
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Re: Beta 1492

Post by Namunja »

Mine too does not work. Windows 7.

I have even tried to add my own custom dictionary in the directory shown in the settings but still won’t work.

Anything I can do?
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