Bible search copy verse limit

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Bible search copy verse limit

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Greetings from India.
I thank God for the theword program and all its those behind the scene who created it. May God reward you all.
Here is the problem I am facing
I want to search a word in Bible view and want to have all the references and verses to be copied and pasted into a document so that I can study it.
For example, the word "blood" has 314 results in 41 books.
As I right click, I have the option to copy all the verses.
But when I copy and paste into the document, only half of the bible verses with reference is pasted.
However, I can copy the verses from each book etc, but it is time consuming.
So is there is limit of verses one can copy and paste into a document
Or do I need to do anything else.
Thanks for your time and help
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Re: Bible search copy verse limit

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For some Bibles that are copyright, there is a 200 verse limit
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