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The latest available version is: (published May 17, 2015)

If you want to check what's new before upgrading, please consult the official change log here or go directly to the list of changes for version 5.


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theWord is the result of a great, ongoing effort!

It is interesting to know that about 0.3% of the people that download theWord support this work. Although this number is small, it does help keep theWord really free for the remaining 99.7% of its users.

If you can really afford it, and you think that theWord is a worthy ministry you may consider supporting it by getting theWord toGo or a DVD. By doing so you are truly helping provide this high-quality Bible study software, free of charge to everyone.

theWord toGo is a pre-configured flash drive, preloaded with theWord Bible Software and more than 200 Books & Bibles! Read more...

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And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us (and we have contemplated his glory, a glory as of an only-begotten with a father), full of grace and truth;  (John 1:14)