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The actual cost and effort of creating theWord is enormous, which has been primarily paid by a single individual. It is very important to make an educated decision concerning the possibility of supporting this effort
(gifts/donations are not tax deductible).

Please, take the time to read and consider prayerfully this option. Read more.


A donation of at least $35 (or €25) will make you eligible to receive theWord toGo, a tiny pre-configured flash drive with theWord, including premium modules (like the New King James Bible) worth $35! See details.

A donation of at least $20 (or €15) will make you eligible to receive theWord DVD Edition, which contains a wealth of Bible Study resource, worth of thousands of dollars in print. Over 200 hundred titles included, our whole free Modules library!

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Get a CD or USB flash drive with theWord

As a token of appreciation for your donation, I will send you, without charge, either a DVD with the latest version of the program and all resources of this site, or a USB flash drive preloaded with theWord toGo!

Please, notice that you are eligible for:

    • a DVD with theWord if your donation is at least $20 or €15 
    • a USB flash drive with theWord toGo if your donation is at least $35 or €25

(Check conversion rates for other currencies)

How will I receive the CD/UFD?

After you make the donation, you will be redirected automatically back to theWord site to a page where you will enter your mail address where the gift will be dispatched. If there is a problem for any reason (for example the browser closes by mistake) you can go here to request your gift.

Not sure if you should donate? Please, take a few minutes to consider the following

Dear theWord User,

I am the author of theWord Bible Software. I hope that theWord has proved to be a helpful tool to assist you in the study of the Word of God.

I would like to present to you a few thoughts about this software and help you make an educated decision concerning the possibility of making a monetary donation as a way to support and further promote the development of theWord. I kindly ask you to invest these couple of minutes to read through this notice as a minimum gesture of appreciation for this free software you use.

theWord is free for you, but actually quite costly

theWord consists of about 300,000 lines of code and is the result of about 13,000 hours of working time (this corresponds to about 6-7 years of labor). It is by the grace and provision of God that it has been possible to invest labor to make this program high-quality and genuinely free.

The fact that theWord is free for you does not mean that there are no costs associated with the development and support of it. Indeed, the actual costs behind this program are very high, in terms of time and money.

Consider a monetary donation

I would like you to seriously consider the possibility of making a donation to further promote the development of theWord.  Every amount given is important and greatly appreciated.  Furthermore, a monetary donation enables theWord to be developed faster and more efficiently. It seems fair, even according to the Word of God, though not obligatory, to consider this appeal seriously.

I understand that it is not easy to decide to make a donation, and the most common reason is not the cost but the hassle of doing so. I also understand that it is normal for people to be reluctant to give their personal data or make an online payment or donation. However, I would have you to realize that the effort of actually making a donation is very small for you, in comparison with the great time and effort that is invested in this software.

Having said all the above, I want to repeat that this appeal is not intended to coerce you in any way to make a donation, but to make you better realize that what is given to you freely actually has an enormous hidden cost, which has been ‘paid’ mostly by a single individual. I would like you to decide based upon these facts. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of ‘free’ stuff that is either not genuinely ‘free’ in the end, or of such low quality that you would never pay to use it. On the contrary, theWord is and will remain truly free! 

What will you get if you decide to donate

I would like you to know that whether you choose to donate or not, the software will work in exactly the same way. Furthermore, if you do indeed donate you will have no extra benefit regarding the program functionality itself.

However, if you make a donation, in order to show you my appreciation for your extra trouble, I will send you by mail a CD or a USB flash drive with theWord (the USB flash drive contains theWord portable, which will run on any PC by just inserting the flash drive into a USB port; there is absolutely no installation). These are only gifts, they are optional and depend on the amount of the donation.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Stay tuned!

theWord portable

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