Unofficial 3rd party modules & external sites

Several users of theWord have taken the time to create several modules. From this page you can find links to external sites that distribute hundreds more modules for theWord.

Notice that the responsibility of the content and copyright of the distributed modules in these sites is solely on their owners/creators and theWord has no official affiliation with any of them. No official support can be given for these modules, if you need help please contact the site owners.

Sites officially maintained


   Douglas Hamp and his team from Calvary Chapel offer more than 700 modules.
   David Cox works diligently to provide a big library of add-ons. Site offers also tutorials and a lot of Spanish material.
   Download hundreds of high quality theWord modules. We focus on large, reference works for evangelical Christians. 
  Offers several modules 
  • Doctor DaveT's site
   Offers several modules
   Offers modules in German
 Bibel Kommentare
   Offers modules in Afrikaans, Dutch, English
   Offers modules in mainly in Dutch and English

Stay tuned!

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