Use theWord in your own language!

theWord is fully localizable. This means that all messages, menus and everything you see on the program (apart from the actual resources like Bibles, books, etc.) can be translated in your own language. 

To add a language for the interface of theWord, you just need to download the appropriate file(s) from this page.


Instructions - how to add a new language

  1. Download the file you want from the following list. You can add more than one language if you want by repeating this procedure.
  2. Once you download the file, double-click on it to execute it. An installer will start. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. When the installer finishes, make sure you restart The Word.
  4. From within the program, locate the menu File -> Languages. From there, you can change the language of the interface of the program.

Updating an existing language file

The language files may get updated or corrected as new versions are released or when errors are detected. You can use the same procedure if you want to get an updated version of a language file you are already using. To find out the version of the language file you are using:

  1. Open The Word
  2. From the main menu, go to Help -> About
  3. In the About Dialog, click on the File locations tab (the last one)
  4. At the bottom of the screen, there is a list with all files used by the program. Locate in there the file corresponding to the language you use (if you click on the Type column, the list will be sorted, thus making it easier to locate the entry you want). The Type column for language files should write .lng. For example, the language file for the English language is named english and the Type column should read .lng.
  5. Now, notice that in the File column, after the name of the file there is the version of it (e.g. english (ver. This is what you need to compare with the latest version of the language file here.
  6. If all the above seems complicated, you can alternately select from the main menu Help -> Check for update on modules and language files... and you will get a list of all files/modules with a newer version.

 Afrikaans (1)

Afrikaans language file (ver.
0.2 MB 20-Sep-2022

 Albanian (1)

Albanian language file (ver.
0.2 MB 04-Sep-2011

 Brazilian Portuguese (1)

Brazilian Portuguese language file (ver.
0.2 MB 13-Sep-2015

 Bulgarian (1)

Bulgarian language file (ver.
0.2 MB 04-Nov-2012

 Catalan (1)

Catalan language file (ver.
0.2 MB 04-Nov-2012

 Chinese (2)

Simplified Chinese language file (ver.
0.2 MB 10-Nov-2013
Traditional Chinese language file (ver.
0.2 MB 19-Mar-2016

 Czech (1)

Czech language file (ver.
0.2 MB 13-Sep-2015

 Danish (1)

Danish Language file (ver.
0.2 MB 24-Jul-2010

 Dutch (1)

Dutch language file (ver.
0.2 MB 08-Aug-2015

 Finnish (1)

Finnish language file (ver.
0.2 MB 12-Apr-2015

 French (1)

French language file (ver.
0.2 MB 16-Aug-2020

 German (1)

German language file (ver.
0.2 MB 10-Jan-2010

 Greek (1)

Greek language file (ver.
0.2 MB 07-Aug-2018

 Hindi (1)

Hindi language file (ver.
0.2 MB 04-Nov-2012

 Hungarian (1)

Hungarian language file (ver.
0.2 MB 04-Nov-2012

 Italian (1)

Italian language file (ver.
0.2 MB 29-Apr-2013

 Japanese (1)

Japanese language file (ver.
0.2 MB 03-Aug-2013

 Korean (1)

Korean language file (ver.
0.2 MB 11-Nov-2018

 Malay (1)

Malay language file (ver.
0.2 MB 22-Aug-2013

 Polish (1)

Polish language file (ver.
0.2 MB 21-Jun-2017

 Romanian (1)

Romanian language file (ver.
0.2 MB 04-Nov-2012

 Russian (1)

Russian language file (ver.
0.2 MB 17-Feb-2011

 Serbian (2)

Serbian Cyrillic language file (ver.
0.2 MB 29-Apr-2016
Serbian Latin language file (ver.
0.2 MB 29-Apr-2016

 Slovak (1)

Slovak language file (ver.
0.2 MB 04-May-2010

 Spanish (2)

Spanish ES language file (ver.
0.2 MB 28-Oct-2015
Spanish INT language file (ver.
0.2 MB 24-Jan-2016

 Thai (1)

Thai language file (ver.
0.2 MB 04-Nov-2012

 Ukrainian (1)

Ukrainian language file (ver.
0.2 MB 01-Mar-2015

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