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Is it safe to give you my email for your newsletter?

In general, there is always risk in sharing your private email address. No matter what a site claims, there is always the possibility that your email address will be given to other sites (affiliates) or be used for purposes other than the ones you were told when you gave it.

Having given this general warning (which you should to take seriously), I can only say in honesty that your email will only be used for your personal notification of updates and new modules (whatever you selected when you gave your email).

It shall not be used in any other way nor shall it be given/donated/sold/shared by me to anyone else for any reason, for profit or not.

You will only receive emails from the official domain. It is possible that the categories of updates will change in the future and you may get more or less frequent updates about issues concerning theWord and accompanying resources. Nevertheless, your email address will never be given to a 3rd party.

last updated on Sunday, 11 November 2012
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Is it safe to give you my email?

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