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Importer change log

• [fix]: creating dictionaries with specified order in topics (e.g. defining the rel_order column) could result in incorrect topics order (the rel_order table column was not declared as int). 

• [fix] Importing eSword files could create wrong H1, H2, H3 Strong links if the rtf file contained stylesheets with headings defined with the names H1, H2, H3, etc. 

• [new] Disk files import: the subject can be extracted now from the actual file being imported using a regular expression (for example, the html TITLE tag could be used as the topic subject). 

• [fix] Importing html files from disk caused book module to be unsearchable

• [fix] Applying chapter headings on an .ont file behaves better for multiple headings for the same verse

• [new] If Microsfor Security Essentials is installed and running, eSword conversion may fail ocassionally: this version will improve this by reducing the number of possible errors (this is an issue with MSE so it's hard to fix it completely)

• [new] Fix for importing eSword modules: import would fail if the 'create sql statement' of the db table had columns with no type

• [new] Fix for importing eSword modules: import would fail if the 'create sql statement' of the db table extended in multiple lines

  • [new] Added support for importing reading plans and devotionals (including calendar days) from eSword

    • [fix]  Minor fix to allow some malformed rtf code in eSword 8 Bible modules to be ignored.

Version, 63
  • [new] Added support to convert eSword 9 map modules (.mapx files)

  • [fix] Auto detect image type for graphics modules imported from eS

  • [new] Support for eSword 8 map modules 

  • [fix] importer failed for Zefania XML files with comments
  • [fix] preliminary support for importing html files from disk (only simple html, no css) -test mode

  • [fix] importer failed for Zefania XML files if single quote was being used instead of double quote for xml elements
  • [fix] importer failed for Zefania XML files if there was a not longer than 16K

  • [fix] importing image files from disk produced invalid modules, it works now

  • [fix] opening zefania xml zip files could fail; in that case there is now a prompt to manually unzip the file first

  • [fix] importing eSword 9 topic modules would not set properly the order of topics (further attempts to reorder from within tw would fail)
  • [fix]: import of study notes with comments on deuterocanonicals are excluded now (the resulting mod would cause an error in the program)
  • [fix]: failed when importing Bibles with full rtf code
  • [new]: when importing from eSword, links to Strong numbers are automatically created

  • fixed bug when importing from disk files and an rtf file had the same name as the dir it was in.
  • fixed eSword9 import bug: editing a topic from within TW would corrupt it. It it important to re-import all eSword9 modules with this version

  • added support for devotionals
  • added support for eSword version 9 modules

last updated on Thursday, 06 August 2015
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