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Version changes - 15 Sep 2009

- [new]: added drag-n-drop support for moving/copying topics between modules. This is the most important new feature of this version (see quick help here).
- [fix] minor glitches in labels that truncated text when translated in several dialogs
- [minor] deleted duplicate 'txtTarget.Hint' entry in english.lng file (merged the 2 actually)
- [fix]ed unicode hint issues with the 2 input boxes in the search views (requires testing)
- [fix]ed bug with linked Bible views: creating a new view from another one did not assign a new unique id: the synchronization behaved incorrectly when restarting.
- [fix]ed bug: pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N to rename a topic in the Book view resulted in the selected text being deleted after the actual rename
- [fix]: changing fore/back color of selected text in Bible view: toolbar icons were not refreshed properly
- [new]: holding down the ALT key while adding verse ranges to a verse list (from the Bible view or the Clipboard monitor) causes the passages to be expanded and each verse is added separately (instead of as a passage)
- [minor]: added config.ini option to override default verse highlight color in Bible view ([general]: bookview.verse.highlight.color=)
- [new]: in 'Info' dialog of Bible modules, added an 'Identifier' label at the bottom to display the module id
- when showing/hiding Bible view options (e.g. strong's, morph, xrefs, etc) the active verse get's centered after the change
- [fix]: in book view, changing active module to one with no current topic/verse failed to update the book view caption
- [minor]: change popup-tip when hovering over book-view tab to point to 'Info...' about the mod.
- [test]: disabled window ghosting to try to resolve modal dialogs that loose modality
- [minor]: in Copy Verses dialog, added more width for the 'Header' and 'Footer' checkboxes (for translation reasons)
- [fix]: deleting an entry in Books wcould fail to delete children below 2nd sub-level sometimes
- [new]: deletion of multiple topics for books allowed now (rc_bookview_deltopicconfirmX messages removed from .lng file, actDeleteTopic renamed to actDeleteSelTopics)
- [new]: adding/deleting topics should update other book views that display the same module.
- [fix]: changing layout would fail to save current changes in book view.
- [fix]: double quotes in Abbreviation, Title, Description of 'New module' dialog caused errors (module failed to be created properly)
- [fix]: incorrect topics tree representation in commentaries with option 'Show as tree' in some cases. (chapter->verse without book, Jn 1, Jn 1:1)
- [fix]: optimized saving time of large custom module sets
- [fix]: hints on view icons (system/options icon and maximize/restore) where not update during language change (also in caption of Book search view)
- [fix]: book view would ignore the 'sync' option at some cases and would change to a dictionary if it contained the required module (added a dialog to ask the user).
- [minor]: name of current module set will be displayed in book view caption
- [minor]: added registry entry when donate dialog is shown to avoid being displayed in the future
- [fix]: popup with verses follows color of active bible view
- [fix]: attempt to fix issue that 'Donate' dialog pops up more than once: extra checks added to avoid such situation (not confirmed)
- [new]: CTRL+C on a Bible view with no selection copies to clipboard the current verse (only in single Bible view display)
- [fix]: max verse list limit (1000) was not enforced if adding verse from the 'Add verses' button on the vertical toolbar of the verse list view
- [fix]: changed tamil flag
- [fix]: captions where being hidden from floating windows when 'Show/hide window captions' was clicked. This should not happen.

last updated on Saturday, 13 November 2010
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