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Version changes - 18 Sep 2009


The following fix of 3.0.6:
- [fix]ed unicode hint issues with the 2 input boxes in the search views (requires testing)
introduced a bug that caused problems when entering unicode characters with the keyboard in the search input boxes. Hopefully now there should be no problem either with the input of the hints.

Also corrected this:
- [minor]: added config.ini option to override default verse highlight color in Bible view ([general]: bookview.verse.highlight.color=)
The config.ini entry should be 'bibleview.verse.highlight.color' (not bookview...)


Another newly introduced bug was fixed:  adding/updating comment on a verse range in a commentary was not permitted if there was already a comment on the exact starting verse of the range. The 3rd version number was not changed, just the build (from 900 to 901).

last updated on Friday, 18 September 2009
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