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Version changes - 17 Nov 2009

Major new functionality (ver.

There is a total of 54 fixes/changes/additions for this version. Here are the major ones: 

1.  Added support for morphological search of original words in Bible. This feature is supported for those Bible modules that contain parsing information. There is a new operator "m/" to do the searches. Detailed help is given in the mouse-hover tip of the operator in the Detailed tab of the Bible Search View (hover your mouse over the m/ button just below the search input box).

2.  Support for different default Strong and Morphological dictionaries on the module level. There is a new dialog for the user to select these (from within the Bible view Options dialog, Strong and Morph category)

3. Some new Advanced options in Preferences dialog (new Advanced tab) 

Complete change log 

- [fix]: fixed bug in detection of vrefs when greek characters where present in a non-greek locale
- [fix]: minor issue with config.ini when template config.ini was missing (ver.3 config entry was not written)
- [new] added support in Bible modules
- [fix]: ALT+ shortcut in Bible view was off by 1 (changing Bible modules)
- [fix]: fixed bug that corrupted text display when combining english with hebrew
- [change]: changed global shortcut to reload language files from CTRL+ALT+L to CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+L
- [new]: added q attribute to tag in .ont file (...).
- [new]: added Malagasy language flag
- [fix]: some display issues with boxes in ESV and other Bibles due to incorrect fonts (renderer upgrade)
- [new]: added "" property to config.ini (general): set to 0 to disallow the Bible view to jump to the verse list when a new verse is added
- [changed]: changed global shortcut keys CTRL+ALT+V and CTRL+ALT+L to CTRL+SHIFT+V and CTRL+SHIFT+L due to conflicts with the AltGR key in international keyboards. Also fixed other issues with AltGr to allow it to work properly (bugs with Polish language)
- [fix]: added warning if the program cannot write the config.ini file
- [change]: CTRL+ALT+N shortcut (delete current topic in Book view) changed to CTRL+SHIFT+D (and CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D for deleting without warning)
- [fix]: default layouts failed to load when using language other than english and the default end-user machine locale was different
- [fix]: hyperlink dialog: the Until (passage) combo box caused delayed (truncate hints in main status bar)
- [new]: added support for viewing footnotes and endnotes (only way to create them is with another editor like MS Word, or in rtf files). Footnotes/Endnotes can be printed 
- [new]: added superscript/subscript formatting buttons on book view toolbar
- [change]: removed the function to detect vrefs in book topics each time the topic is displayed: unnecessary and confusing
- [new]: new dialog to select different strong and morph dictionaries per Bible module. Support also on the module level (.ont file)
- [fix]: drag-n-drop-ing an empty topic from a book onto itself, caused reader to become empty
- [minor]: changed rendering of bookmarks (gray from green)
- [fix]: the TR operator could yield incorrect result if using strong numbers with indices<1000
- [minor]: small optimization in drag-n-drop when copying many topics
- [fix]: some times, the vertical scrolling position of the reader in the Book view was not remembered properly when going back to history
- [fix]: failed to locate Bible modules (.ot, .nt, .ont, .otx, .ntx, .ontx) if the extension was not fully lowercase
- [change]: book modules with rtf content had all their links in blue, no matter the color in the rtf. Removed this to allow any color.
- [new]: added preserve.zwnbsp property in .ont mods (see spec for details - experimental)
- [change]: bookmark marks are painted in gray and are a bit smaller (turn to green when CTRL is pressed)
- [new]: new Advanced tab in Preferences dialog. Two new options: (a) selection of logic for selecting the Bible to show verse references, (b) whether the Book view editor captures the TAB key or not
- [new]: clicking on a bookmark in the same topic, adds the 'display' to history so you can get back with the 'Back' key (needs testing)
- [fix]: CTRL+A and CTRL+C applied in book view, even if a Bible view was active
- [fix]: minor drag-n-drop bug in book view topics: dropping more than one node at the top of the topics list for books (not dictionaries), moved them at the end (after refresh of topics list)
- [new]: grab-n-drag mode now scrolls horizontally also in book view (for image viewing).
- [new]: the 'Ignore case and diacritics' options now ignores Separator Spaces (zero width spaces) for unicode Bibles (useful for languages like Khmer where the zero-width space is used but is not visible)
- [change]: by default, links are not underlined
- [change]: auto-detecting verse refs will not change already detected vrefs that were put there manually
- [new]: holding CTRL+SHIFT while auto-detecting will perform extended detection (experimental). Only when detecting on the topic level for commentaries- [fix]: double click selection now properly breaks on zero-width spaces
- [fix]: markup of search results in Book view was sometime incorrect if there were combining diacritics
- [new]: search results in Book Search view are properly sorted for Dictionaries and Books according to the sorting of the topics
- [new]: support for new CI (new line with no space before or after) and PI (paragraph indentation) tags in Bible modules. See Bible module spec doc for details.
- [new]: morphological searches in the Bible search view are now possible. See the "m/" operator and the hint in the Detailed tab to get an overview of how it works.
- [change]: Bible view: in verse-per-line mode, when showing line breaks, the highlighting rectangle is not shown any more
- [new]: added option to show descriptions of Bibles in the dialog where one selects modules for Comparing
- [new]: more spaces in some widgets to allow for localization for languages with longer descriptions. Also fixed hint of trackbar in print preview would not display unicode.
- [fix]: Strong numbers tags () may now contain some letters after the number (e.g. )
- [fix]: fixes for Thai language in verse reference detection and in New Comment dialog
- [fix]: if automatic import of notes from version 2 fails the first time, it will not be attempted again. The user is now prompted to try it manually from File->Import Personal Notes... menu- [fix]: added accelerator support for the link on the 'Detailed' tab of the Bible search view so the 'Define Range' dialog can be displayed with the keyboard.
- [new]: escape key closes 'Define range' dialog properly
- [change]: several links to point to (not all yet)
- [minor]: fix for rl2 languages that could cause inappropriate display

- [fix]: an <S> tag in an .ont file would cause  an error
- [fix]: highlight rectangle in vpl mode not visible in some cases
- [fix]: newly introduced bug in dialog to select Bibles in Compare view (incorrect unicode handling)


last updated on Tuesday, 17 November 2009
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