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Version 31 Jan 2010

This is the first major update since release 3.0.

Major new functions include:

1. New Graphics Viewer for displaying maps and pictures. The new viewer appears when double-clicking on any image. It supports zooming and panning. Major image formats (bmp, png, jpg, wmf, gif) are supported (including transparency)

2. Images and graphics are now automatically resized in the Viewer. This allows easier reading. Resizing can be enabled on the module level and the end-user can choose to activate it or not. Much improved rendering of images has also been added with anti-aliasing on resized images.

3.  Major new functions for supporting morphology parsing and lemmas for original language modules. Searching has be greatly enhanced to support grammar searching (combined with strongs, lemmas, partial matches, etc). Bible view options dialog has also been enhanced to support new features. Strong codes and grammatical information can now be completely hidden from the viewer and appear only when the mouse moves over the words (all previous functions are also supported, e.g. inline links, etc). New 'Lookup' menus on Bible view context menu to lookup words in all modules (including lemmas, strong tags)

4. New icons everywhere: sharper and easier to read. Also, a new theme was added, Office 2010.

5. Unicode-only languages are now supported in the editors (also 3rd party virtual keyboards should now work properly)

6. Faster startup time in installations with many modules

7. Several small enhancements and bug fixes have been introduced (see list below).


Complete change log

- [fix]: verse references links of chapters (e.g. Lk 5) in inline commentaries in Bible view were not handled properly (always linked to Gen 1:1)
- [change]: added CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Insert as a shortcut to display the current verse index in a .ont file (old CTRL+ALT+Insert remains)
- [fix]: obscure issue with rendering Thai with zero-width spaces caused error.
- [fix]: unicode issue with status bar in verse list (corrupted chars)
- [new]: Bible search input box auto-sizes depending on font used (new option in 'Options tab also).
- [fix]: font used for 'Find ...' in Bible view context popup menu was not always correct
- [fix]: Bible search view input box did not use non-standard Bible view font
- [new]: right-clicking on Morph code in Bible view explicitly searches for it in Bible search view.
- [fix]: incorrect font used for titles line for inline commentaries in Bible view
- [fix]: links to bookmarks in the form "#xyz" in Book view were parsed as vref links (e.g. #sn1)
- [new]: added lookup menu to right-click menu of Bible view: lookup takes care of word, strong, morph, lemma (any that apply)
- [new]: new options in Bible view options dialog for word click (multiple targets supported now)
- [new]: TR operator accepts morph search tag (m/) as right operand
- [new]: strong+morph searches now highlight associated word (apart from tag)
- [new]: word lookup can use lemma if present now
- [fix]: issue with Korean and other unicode-only languages for search input boxes and Book view
- [fix]: removed extra spaces from topics combo (commentaries only)
- [new]: added cache to improve startup time with many modules (Book modules only for now)
- [new]: support for Khmer (changed rendering in Bible view to better handle some scripts)
- [new]: anti-aliasing support in images in all viewers: resizing images now displays them much smoother
- [fix]: verse detection failed if there was a tab just before the verse ref.
- [new]: option to display cross-references in Bible view only when CTRL is pressed
- [fix]: minor fix in use of color when showing inline commentaries
- [new]: added option to Preferences->Clipboard monitor to enable/disable the Global Hotkey CTRL+SHIFT+V. Also, if CM is disabled, the hotkey is unregistered.
- [fix]: fixed untranslated items in tips of the book view tabs (and other places)
- [fix]: fix in the way multi-line 'about' property is read from .ont files.
- [fix]: displaying the Bible view options dialog could cause an open search view to get out-of-sync with the Active Bible view
- [fix]: incorrect indentation for inline commentaries when being displayed after each verse (left and right indent were being reset)
- [new]: support for free text links in Bibles and Books (e.g. "tw://*.*?txt=Free text")
- [fix]: popup menu of tray icon used incorrect colors
- [new]: graphics viewer
- [new]: image resizing in book view
- [new]: when deleting single topic from book view, confirmation dialog contains the 1 topic subject to be deleted
- [new]: for long topic subjects, the hint that are displayed when the mouse moves over the topics tree are now wrapped.
- [change]: made Copy Verse dialog smaller to fit notebook screen. Also fixed tab order properly
- [new]: active verse highlight color can now be selected from Bible view options dialog
- [new]: font size in input box of Bible search view is now auto-sized depending on language/font. New option added in 'Options' to choose between 'always-on' and 'automatic' auto sizing.
- [fix]: when having linked Bible views, closing one of them caused the 'syncing' to be re-enabled, even if it was disabled before
- [fix]: fixed hints to display within a single monitor (some didn't)
- [fix]: minor update in default paragraph sets (to be localizable)
- [fix]: 'Is this what you are looking for' box in Bible search view increases font sizes if necessary
- [new]: in Bible view options dialog, 'Lookup Dictionaries' page, added option to not-display non-dictionaries
- [new]: when the target of the link is external, it is being displayed in the popup
- [new]: new icons, more clear, sharper
- [new]: new theme Office 2010
- [new]: magnifier icon in search boxes in tab bars


This build was published to address some issue with the ver

- [fix]: added the 'More buttons' hint (appears when hovering over the >> on a resized toolbar) to the language file.
- [minor]: added 'dbv.add.header.when.copying.single.verse' and 'dbv.add.footer.when.copying.single.verse' in 'general' section of config.ini: if set to 1, then copying single verses from Bible view also uses the header/footer defined in the 'Copy Verses' dialog
- [change]: changed the way the small-mag icon is painted in the tab-bars search box
- [minor]: if about info of Bible module contained new lines with no html or rtf tag, the selection with mouse on the 'Info dialog' didn't work properly
- [fix]: new lines are now ignored in search input boxes (Bible and Book search view)
- [fix]: image caching incorrect caused wrong image to be drawn in book view
- [fix]: bug in graphics viewer with next/prev buttons could cause some images to be skipped
- [fix]: last characters was lost when copying to clipboard (text and unicode text format)

last updated on Sunday, 31 January 2010
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