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Version 11 Feb 2010

Version 3.1.1 is just a maintenance release that fixes some rather obscure issues:
- [new]: added SHIFT and CTRL+SHIFT + Arrow keys shortcuts for verse lists (similar to mouse wheel)
- [new]: new item in Help menu that displays home page
- [fix]: fixed popup windows which could go a bit off-screen vertically
- [fix]: Pressing CTRL+L in Bible view only added current verse to list instead of all selected verses
- [fix]: incorrect painting of tracking bar for font-size in print preview dialog
- [fix]: minor issue in logic with Word Click options
- [fix]: no fuzzy matching for lemmas
- [fix]: resized some dialogs to fit in 1024X768 with large fonts
- [fix]: fixed CTRL+V to work in topics combo (for non-floating views)
- [fix]: re-phrased the prompts that appear when an error occurs while indexing a module for the first time.
- [fix]: in Vista, some dialogs may not fully repaint when pressing ALT
- [fix]: issue in strong's dictionaries word indices could cause strange fuzzy matchings
- [fix]: popup with verse could be smaller that required and verse was truncated
- [fix]: Lookup menu in Bible view would work in non-fuzzy mode in some cases

last updated on Thursday, 11 February 2010
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