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Version - 7 May 2010

This is a maintenance release that brings minor new improvements and several fixes. Of the most important new features is the option to merge multiple consecutive cross-references in the Bible view under a single link. Bibles with many cross-references (like the NASB, NIV, etc) had several different links, each for a separate cross-reference. The display is much clearer with this option.

What's new:

- [new]: option to merge multiple consecutive cross-references in Bible view using a simple index/link.
- [new]: changed Bible tree implementation to make it compatible with Linux/Wine; added better keyboard navigation and syncing when changing between different Bible types (OT, NT, ONT)
- [new]: CTRL+SHIFT+S updates last used user layout
- [new]: new shortcut in Book view CTRL+P to print
- [new]: verse detection in Book view is now triggered with ), ], } (apart from space and enter)
- [new]: Added ability to define Bible links that contain multiple verses (e.g. "tw://bible.*?id=1.1.1,40.1.1,4.3.5")
- [new]: added xrefs.numbering.scheme option on Bible module (updated spec)
- [new]: added option in search patterns in language file to make a pattern to be used as is, without ignoring case and diacritics
- [new]: allow user modules to be saved in any of the 'known' folders (up to now, user modules could only be saved in the 'Personal - - [new]: links in verse popups (e.g. Strong, morph) now work in Bible tree and Bible search view
files' folder
- [new]: links in verse lists work properly now (e.g. Strong, morph, etc)
- [new]: added Catalan flag

- [change]: when a book search ends, the active book will not display the first matched topic any more
- [change]: changed "The Word" to "theWord" in several places

- [fix]: the Print command from the file menu would not print the verse list, but just the active Bible
- [fix]: when selecting to display inline commentaries or word lookup dictionaries the Options dialog came up with the wrong page selected
- [fix]: the chapter_verse separator defined in the .lng file was not used in 3 cases: Bible search results, CM, Book view commentary topics
- [fix]: link in the form "tw://*.*?txt=..." failed to display in Bible view
- [fix]: if Cache folder was read-only, settings in config.ini were not saved either (win7 issue).
- [fix]: clicking on a commentary link will not change the current dictionary word
- [fix]: in book view, when right-to-left module, a new topic now starts in right-to-left orientation (paragraph)
- [fix]: fixed issue in Book view with Enter key and verse-detection for Arabic
- [fix]: justified paragraph text was broken
- [fix]: minor fix in Copy Verse dialog: the 'To' verse button misbehaved in some cases.
- [fix]: when changing layout, the content of the Book view was not saved.
- [fix]: minor issue in verse indices in verse list
- [fix]: minor issue with logic when updating more than 2 linked Bible views (Bible tree was collapsing)
- [fix]: issue with search highlighting in Book view (introduced lately) - the highlighted letters were more than the actual match

last updated on Friday, 07 May 2010
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