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Version - 22 May 2010

Minor release mainly for fixing a bug concerning popups (see first entry below).

- [fix]: Bug that could cause popups for strong/morph to fail (when not showing as links)
- [new]: added 'custom.caption' option in config.ini [general] section to display a custom caption
- [fix]: fixed bug when restoring application after a restart (when previously closed in maximized state), with custom windows border and windows taskbar on top (app would go below the taskbar)
- [fix]: some extra line breaks removed from some dialog(s)
- [new]: added Wine (linux/MAC) detection support: disables shadows and tips on trees
- [new]: Topics tree show in italic for empty commentary topics (test pls)
- [change]: removed popup from topics drop down in the Hyperlink dialog

last updated on Saturday, 22 May 2010
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