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Version - Sep 2, 2010

In version 3.2 of theWord, a new Welcome Screen was added for first time users that provides some start-up tips and guidance concerning the layout (views, etc), but also allows them to choose their initial layout, thus making it much easier to get used to the environment of the program. Several other new features have been added. Read below.

New features
- [new]: Welcome Screen. Upon first run of theWord, a welcome screen is presented to the user allowing him to choose his initial layout.
- [new]: Added new context for Verse links in Book view (Copy, paste to editor, add to list), in Bible view (paste to editor) and in Bible Search context menu (Paste to editor)
- [new]: Added option in Clipboard Viewer (Preferences) so that CM is disabled when copying content from within theWord. SHIFT key can be used to revert the behavior.
- [new]: support for non-English help files (.chm). The help file is automatically recognized from the current language.
- [new]: added the backslash as escape character in Bible search view so that the actual words and, or, not, ... can be search (e.g. "while AND and")
- [new]: file links in the Book view are now relative to the module location. This allows links to files contained in sub-folders; also links to files with no absolute path are now supported (for example, one can link audio or video files in a sub-folder of the actual module without specifying an absolute path).
- [new]: when drag-n-dropping nodes from trees (Customize Book modules and Book topics), the mouse is moved at the beginning at the left to make it easier to re-arrange nodes (the re-arrange indicators appear)
- [new]: minor enhancement in clipboard monitor: the book name may be followed by any of ".,/;" (e.g. Gen, 1:1 works properly now)
- [new]: new options to hide tips from bible/book view tabs when mouse hovers (File->Preferences dialog)
- [new]: Bible tree nodes are colored with green/red when not displaying icons
- [new]: added support for up to 6 consecutive strong numbers for a single word/phrase for the Bible file
- [new]: added support for dot (.) in strong number tags
- [new]: added support for the p tag in footnotes (.ont files)
- [new]: added 3 config options to control the available format when copying verses: "|1", "|1", "|1". By default all formats are copied to clipboard; to turn-off one (e.g. rtf) add the proper option to the "general" section. By default, these options do not apply for the text copied from selection from the Bible viewer; to enable these option for this case also, you need to add the "" also.

- [fix]: bug in 'Customize modules' dialog, in 'Create custom set (advanced)' tab when using filter: the list misbehaved.
- [fix]: bug in code caused search highlighting of associated strong word to not be highlighted if the _STRONG_ tag was the last one in the ... that surrounded a word in the ont file
- [fix]: new lines/paragraphs in footnotes were removed in verse-per-line mode.
- [fix]: text in floating header in compare view (Bible view) was truncated with non-standard dpi settings
- [fix]: minor bug with hint in dialog for Bible sets.
- [fix]: ESC key would not close floating views
- [fix]: fixed issue with linked Bible views, when one displayed a verse list: the other would update twice, first jumping to Gen 1:1 and then to the correct verse (double rendering and incorrect history)
- [fix]: when showing footnotes inline, an extra space was present before the footnote text -- removed.
- [fix]: font-combo box didn't accept enter key and auto-complete was broken
- [fix]: CTRL+ALT+INSERT now works in compare view
- [fix]: Symbol fonts could not be applied in editor
- [fix]: bug in search functions when search source was a single character and search pattern was single character also.
- [fix]: bug with parsing of 'near' operator in Bible search view.
- [fix]: right-clicking on a word in Bible view in Compare mode and selecting 'Search' when the active search view was set to 'Current', searched for the wrong Bible
- [fix]: minor: search view, verse level context menu could get too long if many Bibles were searched (menu entry 'Compare....')


- [fix]: bug introduced in Bible search fails if the active Bible view is in compare mode and there are no Bibles selected (or in list view)


- [fix]: compare view slowed down each time it was refreshed, until bible view was switched to normal Bible view.

last updated on Thursday, 02 September 2010
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