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Version, 1162, 1167 - Feb 3, 2011

Most prominent new features are:
 - Bible view can be set as a 'Verse Target' to display all verse links from other books.
 - Clipboard Monitor is rewritten to properly support unicode only languages (like Chinese, Korean, etc)
 - Link Topics in book modules: All book topics can now be designated to act as links to other topics (this is a feature primarily for module developers -details in book module specification).
 - Some new advanced options in 'Copy Verses' dialog

Detailed list of new features:

- [new]: new tag support in Bible modules for first line indentation
- [new]: added a 'Select Bible to search' link in Bible Search view -> Advanced tab: this just pops up the proper menu. Also some changes to the 'Detailed' tab: the input box will stay on top (no scrolling)
- [new]: Added support for forward/backward mouse buttons. Changed Bible and Book view history shortctus from CTRL+Arrows to the standard ALT+Arrows (in Bible view, the CTRL+Arrows now moves to previous/next book)
- [new]: Clipboard monitor parsing rewritten to be unicode and shares logic with Book view parsing.
- [new]: Added option to set one or more Bible views as 'Verse Targets': in this case these Bible views (can be one ore more) are used to display verse links. If no Bible view is selected as a 'Verse Target' view, then the current behavior applies (e.g. the active Bible view is used).
- [new]: Module properties dialog: ability to set a custom font/size for the topics tree (useful when Greek/Hebrew topics where custom font or larger sizes are required)
- [new]: link topics. New feature in modules that allows a topic to be a link to another. Only created with direct sql manipilation. Module spec updated
- [new]: support for recognizing verse patterns in book view that include a, b, c, f, ff (e.g. Mat 1:10ff, 20f, 24)
- [new]: Copy Verses dialog: added new placeholders for starting book/chapter/verse for the header field.
- [new]: new version of renderer/editor
- [new]: when clicking with the mouse in search input box (Bible & Book search views), the text is selected.
- [new]: new options in config.ini to customize rendering of morph and strong tags (advanced).
         The new options are "strong.format" and "morph.format" (should go under the [general] section).
         The default values of these 2 entries are: "super  %s" (without the quotes).
         The following entries will give the strong and morph tags an appearence similar to OLB:
            strong.format={fs16 <%s>}
            morph.format={fs16i  {%s}}
        (notice that the fs tag is not necessary, can be changed from the Options dialog, same for color).
      The %s represents the actual tag (e.g. G1, N-NSM). The rest are rtf formatting tags. Be very careful, an incorrect tag here (e.g. missing ending }) will break the functionality.
- [new]: New option (File->Preferences->Advanced) to select whether the focus remains in text input box after associated action
- [new]: Clipboard monitor window: hovering over a verse-ref label and scrolling with the mouse wheel changes/offsets the verse/passage
- [new]: Added support for verse detection (Book view) in Korean Hangul Syllable
- [new]: popups that display part of a book topic (using bookmarks to crop text) have now title
- [new]: add support for unicode delimeters in Bible view (double click on a Chinese word, for example, properly selects it, instead of the whole line)
- [new]: added support for Asian fonts with Asian names in localized versions of windows

Bug fixes

- [fix]: if the option to 'Hide Bible modules that do not contain the chapter currently visible' was set for the Compare view, then these modules were removed from the list of selected modules once the dialog to 'Select Bible text to compare' was displayed again
- [fix]: if the 'Disable temporarily clipboard monitoring for content copied...' option was checked in the Preferences->Clipboard monitoring dialog/tab, then the first time the Preferences dialog was displayed, a message was asking the user if he wants to disable Clipboard monitoring
- [fix]: Preferences->Bible texts: multi-selection allowed for moving up/down, select/unselect all
- [fix]: pasting text to search input boxes caused incorrect painting (left-overs). Also could not fully scroll to the beginning of the text (see bug:
- [fix]: Selecting Bibles for searching and compare view: the 'Show descriptions' option at the bottom, and the 'Use also for vertical/horizontal layout' (case of Compare) were not saved.
- [fix]: the 'Define custom ranges' combo box in Bible search view (Detailed tab), could dissapear if shrinking the view too much; also, the search input box would disappear if making the view too small in height.
- [fix]: bug in code that reads Bible text in non-encrypted NT or OT only modules could cause the Bible view to not display at all
- [fix]: when copying content from a popup that contains a verse-ref and the CM appears, the popup ended-up empty and activated/visible.
- [fix]: displaying the 'Select Bibles' for Compare view when in normal Bible view and then closing it, would not make the view switch to the compare view some times.
- [fix]: When hyperlinks contained bookmarks to limit the text in the popup to a part of the target topic, the bookmarks were not recognized if they belonged to a non-text item (e.g. tab, table, picture, etc)
- [fix]: changed 'chapter headings' to the more correct 'passage headings' (english.lng file)
- [fix]: user highlighting was offset in cases where a space (or more) followed a Cx tag.
- [fix]: Searching with 'Whole words' or 'Phrase search' would fail in case of a word that was just after a Cx tag (e.g. "Godcreated"). Searching for "created" with 'Whole words on', or for "God created" would fail.
- [fix]: user highglighting was incorrect (offset) when the module had cross-references and they were display merged in the Bible view. Similar problem existed when RF or NB tags where nested inside TS tags
- [fix]: When deleting an entry in a user commentary, the topics tree would collapse instead of display the previous/next topic
- [fix]: When right-clicking on an empty topic in a user commentary, the 'Delete topic' menu was disabled
- [fix]: CTRL+SHIFT+N would not work on empty commentary topics (only the key combination)
- [fix]: Right-click menu in topics tree would not show the 'Find, Lookup, ...' items for empty book topics
- [fix]: clicking on empty dictionary topic would not show the 'Enter your comments here'
- [fix]: clicking on a web link in book view would cause the default browser to open up twice
- [fix]: updating the vref of a user commentary topic caused the topics tree to be collapsesd. Now it is synced back to the updated topic
- [fix]: put a maximum of 1000 consecutive verses that can be rendered in a popup (a link from Gene 1:1 to Rev 22:21 was allowed, thus making tw seem to hang)
- [fix]: search result highlighting in Bible view was incorrect when RF tags were nested inside TS tags
- [fix]: selecting text in Book view that contained tab(s) would cause the 'Delete hyperlink' of the 'Hyperlink Dialog' to be disabled
- [fix]: saving a commentary entry with CTRL+S now correctly updates the topics-tree node font style if needed (italic, bold, normal)
- [fix]: Displaying a popup with part of a book topic (using bookmarks) would break the right-to-left rendering if the displayed snippet was not taken from the beginning of a paragraph (bug:
- [fix]: Clipboard monitor copies now several of the display properties of the active Bible view for displayed verses
- [fix]: Using a Strong dictionary that had no identifier and non-ansii filename caused the links in the Bible view to NOT display the Strong popups.
- [fix]: The messages in the 'Disabled modules' tab in the 'About' dialog were not in the language files (untranslated)
- [fix]: Scroll position in book views is now saved and restored during restart     
- [fix]: changed all links from to
- [fix]: issue with selecting single characters in Chinese (for specific fonts: see:
- [fix]: some popups could be allowed to go off-screen limits (topics, fonts, etc)
- [fix]: replace font-combo box of Preferences->Bible texts
- [change]: font selection combo-boxes now display the Enlgish names of fonts even in Asian locales. If there is a localized font name, it is displayed in parenthesis. Fonts are saved in the config.ini with the English names so they work across OSs with different locales.
- [fix]: fixed bug with verse detection in Asian locales.
- [fix]: removed the CTRL+SHIFT startup option since it corrupts modules
- [fix]: if verse list was in column mode, active verse round rect was truncated on the left
- [fix]: clicking on a verse-ref in a popup of a Book Search view popup would not work the first time.
- [fix]: Book view: edit button was not visible when clicking the History next/back buttons to move to a user module 
- [fix]: Asian/Korean fonts would not be restored in Bible view after program restart
- [fix]: zoom level could be lost under certain circumstances in Book view upon restart (
- [fix]: The HKCU location in registry is now checked for some keys.
- [fix]: regex search of ansii Bible modules did not work properly when ignoring case and diacritics
- [fix]: File->Copy Verse menu not translated
- [fix]: verse reference popup menu (F4) displayed cluttered when using large fonts
- [fix]: When hiding original headings, mid verse headings would cause the text before and after to be connected (added single space)
- [fix]: Bible text following a mid-verse heading would have different (smaller) line-spacing
- [fix]: check for newer version could fail with Internet Explorerr 9 beta   

build 1162

- [fix]: Book topics combo box popup in book view: clicking on the +/- buttons would cause the popup to dislay the topic thus disallowing browsing. Now only when clicking on the actual topic/item the popup will close        .
- [fix]: Tamil characters cannot be selected individually in Bible view
- [fix]: Bible search view: context menu: Select all, then Copy all: would copy the same verse multiple times. Change: allows multiple selection of verses from different translations from searh results
- [fix]: Bible search: regex: using ? as regex symbol in ansii modules would produce incorrect results.
- [fix]: 'Paste [...] to editor' command in Bible view now chooses the correct volume, according to settings and CTRL/ALT key (decision on current/default Bible)

build 1167

- [new]: Added 'Advanced options' in 'Copy Verses' dialog to set font sizes for different elements and bold font. Also new option to copy only text (no format).
- [fix]: commentary would not sync properly with Bible view after trying to sync on a verse with no comments
- [fix]: minor bug when copying unicode text to the clipboard (ending unicode null was 1 byte instead of 2)
- [fix]: when copying verses that were last in the paragraph, there was an extra space at the end         
- [fix]: removed extra space at beginning of verses when rendering in verse-per-line mode and there was a heading before the verse

last updated on Thursday, 03 February 2011
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