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Peter Gamil wrote on Wednesday, 10 December 2014 12:33:
Very B I G Thanks  
David Kennedy wrote on Saturday, 06 December 2014 20:36:
Wonderful software, thank you for all the hard work putting this together. God bless.  
salman wrote on Friday, 05 December 2014 04:04:
praise the lord i learn more subjects by the word.thank u  
Elbert Joseph wrote on Tuesday, 02 December 2014 04:57:
This is such a handy resource that I will not with until I can test out theWord to say "thank you" and I see myself be expanding and using this software.  
Adrian Paul Miles wrote on Monday, 24 November 2014 19:31:
not incredibly easy to use, but very good, especially the free versions, parralel Bible options and Strongs linking to word clicks, smaller superscript links, etc.  
Bishop Kirksey Sr wrote on Monday, 24 November 2014 01:33:
None at this time just checking out the software  
Veron wrote on Saturday, 22 November 2014 16:27:
I wanted to download a free Bible study program to my PC before my internet account is terminated (due to financial reasons) so I can continue with studying the Bible without having to go online. And the Lord led me to your link ! I find it so interactive and better than Bible Gateway. Thank you so much for this gift, Costas, may the Lord bless you for blessing others.  
Robert Andrews wrote on Wednesday, 19 November 2014 18:24:
I thank you very much for what I just downloaded. I am looking for other software to work with Windows XP or later. I am asking for other places to find very solid biblical software especially in other locations with good commentaries, translations and charts, Greek/Hebrew to learn through and through to fight the one who steals, kills and destroys own Christian lives shipwrecking our faith. May God bless your ministry. My income is rather limited due to health challenges. I am asking if anyone reads this contact me at my email [email removed] ASAP. My beliefs are those of the Pentecostal sect of Christianity. Also looking for any books by J. Hagee, J. Cahn, P. Stone, Lindsay, J. Duplantis, K. Copeland, J. Meyer and others associated with the Pentecostals (software) as I have not be able to afford a kindle. I speak blessings and health to all Believers of the Saviour who come across this and thank you all!  
Simon wrote on Sunday, 09 November 2014 18:10:
WOW! The entire "THE WORD" undertaking, the publishing on the web for FREE UNIVERSAL download and the sheer depth, quality and level of excellence, is proof that God's spirit is alive on earth and that he is real!
From the depths of my heart, THANK YOU!!  
Suleiman Kamugisha wrote on Thursday, 06 November 2014 15:03:
May the creater of the word application be blessed forever  
Nelson A. Clark wrote on Sunday, 02 November 2014 04:41:
Great Bible program; thanks!  
klaudio wrote on Tuesday, 28 October 2014 22:29:
I was using the eSword until recently I discovered TheWord. I can make a comparative very objective: Although the eSword is a good software, TheWord is very much far better. It's an incredible software. Thank you Costas. God bless your effort, your dedication and your family.  
Pastor Yves GODIYA wrote on Monday, 20 October 2014 00:11:
I am in Cameroon in Africa, I thank the Lord for this usefull sofware, God has really gifted you to disign it. It help me to prepare messages.
May my Goog GOD bless you abundantly  
Lucas Shishongi wrote on Saturday, 04 October 2014 15:27:
Your hard work will be rewarded. Not just eternally, which is what we long for and are hungry for, but also in this world before we go on home. Blessings.  
Jarold Carlton wrote on Friday, 03 October 2014 16:52:
Thank you so much for the endless hours you have invested into the Kingdom of God. The seed that you are giving is enabling us to produce an eternal harvest having exponential results.  
Marjorie Mackson wrote on Sunday, 28 September 2014 17:19:
I just love the fact that I know that I am a child of the King,Jesus the Christ. There is none greater, none higher or lower or wider, I just love him. and I love the fact that I can still learn so much more on the Word Station. Thank you.[Your comments here]  
Priscilla 'Esther' Nkweti wrote on Saturday, 27 September 2014 22:29:
Dear Brother Costas Stergiou, thanks for the tremendous work you have by the grace of God done for this generation and those to come in Jesus name. May the God of the universe, who is the Word in Person give you the strength and ability to continue as he leads you. You are a blessing to this generation.  
Gerald B. Aycardo wrote on Sunday, 14 September 2014 06:43:
Praise God for this excellent bible software. May God bless you more (the developer and the team) as you continually blessing us with this digital genius,  
Samuel Habib Fared wrote on Friday, 12 September 2014 20:31:
Excellent, Excellent, I have used other Bible software and nothing compares to the Word. This is one of the best Bible software packages, helpful for my study, ....

It would be pleasant if it could be developed for android OS,  
Mary Jones wrote on Thursday, 11 September 2014 07:24:
Excellent, and it would be do much good to the user if a category devotional is added in the module sets  

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